Monday, March 14, 2011

Should a mother stay at home with the children or go back to work?

The motherhood

Natural way of living for a mother is to stay with the children. The nature has created mother to breast feed and to look after her child. That is why the word mother has so much charm and affection!!
However, modern living has braught us out of the natural way of living. We are so artificial now! We are rushing towards luxury and comfort endlessly. Consumerism is in its peak. Governments, industrialists, media every one is encouraging blunt consumerism. All these need money. Hence, there is a madness for money. Most of us have joined the rat race and nothing is left in our hands. This is a terrible situation. No one but we ourselves have to be blamed for this situation.
Many of so called Modern mothers do not even hesitate to kill their babies during pregnancy. Abortions are daily phenomenon. Some governments passed legislations in favor of abortion! There is hue and cry for womens right. In fact, motherhood is the right of women that nature has gifted her. However, we wrongly advocate for right of abortion as right for women!!!!
Mothers feel that they have to work outside to earn money and they are doing so. But is it justified?
It is better for a mother to stay at home for parenting children and let the father work to earn bread. It was the situation some decades back. This situation still prevails in many countries.

Motherhood in India
Indian woman love to be in house with their children. They work a lot to grow them. Divorce is not yet a common phenomenon and the male member generally bears responsibility to earn for the entire family. However, consumerism has expanded its legs to the country and some of females are now giving priority to work out side and earn money. They prefer to do jobs to uplift their living standard but percentage of those are still less.
We still find large number of joint families or at least famiies where both parents live together with their children. People intended to take divorces often restrict themselves from it because of their children.
Working Mothers

Some may think me against freedom of women. However, I am not against their freedom. Freedom does not limit to economic freedom only. Motherhood is an attribute and most of the women like it. They feel completeness with their children.
They may work outside if economic condition compel them to do so. They may go to earn when children are grown enough.

While advocating freedom of women we must not forget the rights of children. Their physical and menatal health, education etc are seriously affected if not properly cared by the mother. Children have the right to be cared and loved by their mother. This right should also be protected.
Growth can not be measured only in financial terms. There are many other aspects of the life. Can we live a family to braek instead of its tremendous growth in monetary terms?

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