Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Antique Jewels are love for ever !

Women Love Antique Jewelry,this is the era of fashion and style and every one is trying to look fashionable and stylish.Antique jewelry is always “in”and the the women love to wear antique jewelry ( gold, diamond,amethyst,topaz,platinum,aquamarine ....all handmade and " expensive " !  )
Birthstones - A Belief

Mans desire to possess gemstones is as old as history itself. One of the fascinations is the belief that a special stone is dedicated to each month of the year and was endowed with a particular virtue for those born in that month. Since ancient times, colored gemstones have been thought to possess certain mystical powers or the ability to endow the wearer with certain attributes.
Because of these magical powers, they were extensively used as lucky charms and, as predictors of the future or as therapeutic aids.

Find your birthstone
Click on the month or the birthstone to view its properties.
January  ::  Garnet
February  ::  Amethyst
March  ::  Aquamarine
April  ::  Diamond
May  ::  Emerald
June  ::  Pearl
July  ::  Ruby
August  ::  Peridot
September  ::  Sapphire
October  ::  Opal
November  ::  Topaz
December  ::  Zircon
   ::  Turquoise

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