Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Men Love Football And Fast Cars

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 Specifications

Men love Watching Football. Men love fast cars. Men love women. These are all generalized statements about the male human being and its affection with sports, fast or Muscle Cars, and the opposite sex. Obviously not all men love sports, fast cars, or women; however, we can all agree that the majority of men have this incredible fixation with Watching Football (pigskin in America and soccer in other countries) and at the same time it seems like men are obsessed with cars, particularly the ones that go fast and are loud. Some of the common top reasons why men love the sport of football are:
1.Football is a means of male bonding

2.Football is a means of venting male aggressiveness

3.Football provides a window of different meaning in an uncertain and chaotic world

4.Football meets men’s social needs

5.Football reinforces gender stereotypes

As for why men love Fast Cars, there may not be any singular correct answer to this question because everybody has their different reasons for liking fast cars. These top five are:
1.It feels great to be in the seat of power

2.The roar of the car rattles your brain

3.The thrill of speed gives an adrenaline rush

4.Testosterone levels increase

5.It provides a sense of freedom and control

However, there has been an actual study done to measure the testosterone levels in men (particularly college-aged men) when compared to driving a standard car to a “fast” car (Porsche in this case). The study stated that when men drove a Toyota Camry up and down a street filled with girls walking around, the men’s testosterone levels did not rise one bit; however, when put in a Porsche and driving up a down a deserted street, the testosterone levels indeed did rise. This implies that when a male is in a fast car (i.e. a car that’s better than yours), it signifies to himself that he is better than the next guy, and is a better mate.
Better start saving up for that fast hybrid because you know you won’t be able to afford gas these days, especially if you want to drive fast and make it to the stadium in time for that football game, all the while impressing your date!

2012 Aston Martin Virage Specifications.February 24, 2011


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2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost

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