Monday, March 28, 2011


Ryan Lochte

Well he’s a multiple world record holder and an Olympic Gold medalist – he has an amazing body and dashing good looks that are more reminiscent of some of the old British Hollywood stars, and he’s an awfully nice guy too! If swimming isn’t your sport, you should still watch the Olympics just to get a glimpse at this hunk!
The one thing about Olympic Swimmers, or any Olympic athlete for that matter, is that they have to be incredibly fit and cut, and there's no doubt that Ryan Lochte takes his sports seriously as he does have an incredibly cut body!
 Cristiano Ronaldo
There are so many soccer players that could appear on this list (See FIFA World Cup 2010: sexiest players) for just a few; Ronaldo is arguably one of the best soccer players in the world, but his looks and body are what many women swoon over. He has a very cute face that is almost boyish and makes him very endearing, but when he celebrates a goal by removing his shirt, you really see that he is a man!

Tom Brady

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is not only a superb quarterback, but he’s also got those amazing Hollywood good looks that probably will see him following in the footstep of OJ Simpson – career wise that is! What I really like about this hunk is the fact that he is very humble and never takes himself seriously.

Frederick Ljunberg

 This man has one of the most chiselled faces I have ever seen in sports. He has the kind of look that would look great in an action movie; he's an amazing soccer player, but with his smoldering looks and athletic body, which has been featured in a Calvin Klein advert, he definately is one of the hottest men in the world of sports.

David Beckham

Great soccer player, probably the most famous sports star in the world and he’s got a ‘cheeky’ face that is hard to define – he’s good looking, but there’s a sort of sparkle in his eyes. Add to this that he has one of the best bodies in sport and he’s definitely high on most hunkilishess lists. With his quaint English accent, and almost apologetic ways you almost want to hang him on your mirror instead of those furry dice.

Andy Roddick

With boyish good looks, muscle bound arms, athleticism that puts us all to shame and a smile that even Tom Cruise would be happy with, Andy Roddick has it all – he also has an abundance of charm that make him another tennis player that hits the list of sexiest sport men!

Rafael Nadal

So tennis isn’t that popular a sport with the women, but if they checked out some of the hunks playing the game they’d probably change their minds! Rafeal Nadal is an amazing athlete and has the body to show it. His dusty good looks really set him aside in tennis, and make him almost look like a Greek God as he struts his stuff on the tennis court. However, he is one of the most humble and gentle men in sports, and aside from his looks, his ‘niceness’ makes him even more attractive!

Roger Federer

Well being World Number one for so long marks Federer as being one of the best sportsmen of all time, but his quiet and humble attitude together with his ‘boy next door’ look give him a sexiness that kind of creeps up on you.

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