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World’s Most Expensive Bras

You may have heard recently that Victoria’s Secret has recently been displaying the world’s most expensive bra. It’s not true. In fact, there are several bras that we know of that were more expensive than that one, all products of Victoria’s Secret.
Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra
$5 million
Modeled by Brazil’s Adriana Lima, the bra features 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified one-carat white round diamonds and thirty-four rubies. The bra was designed to maximize the wearer’s cleavage, an effect furthered by the two 50-carat black diamonds dangling from the center. The bra was created by celebrity jeweler Martin Katz and cost just over $5 million to make.
World's Most Expensive Bras - Star of Victoria
Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra
$10 million
This bra, made with 1,150 ruby roses and 1,600 emerald leaves, was created by Mouawad in 2002. It took over 370 hours of work to make and featured the 60-carat Mouawad Mondera diamond.
World's Most Expensive Bras - Very Sexy
Very Sexy Fantasy Bra
$11 million
Another 370-hour Mouawad creation, the Very Sexy Fantasy bra was designed in 2003. It trumped the Star of Victoria with its 70-carat Mouawad Excelsior diamond. A replica of this bra, along with one of the Star of Victoria, was created by Mouawad for the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad.
Heavenly Star Bra
$12.5 million
Studded with 1,200 Sri Lankan pink sapphires, this bra features a 90-carat emerald cut diamond as its centerpiece. That diamond alone, in fact, is worth $10.6 million. For an additional $750,000, one could even purchase a pair of matching briefs.
World's Most Expensive Bras - Red Hot Fantasy Bra and Panties
Red Hot Fantasy Bra and Panties
$15 million
The world’s most expensive underwear was made with 1,300 precious stones, including 300 carats of Thai rubies, on red satin. The appearance of the set was kept secret until the grand opening of Manhattan’s new Victoria’s Secret store on Broadway and 67th Street. It was then modeled by Victoria’s Secret’s own Gisele Bundchen.

Heavenly Star Bra ($ 12.5 million)
Yet another fantasy bra belongs to Victoria Secret worth 15.5 million dollar. Heidi Klum was the lucky German American model who had the privileged to wear this 12.5 million dollar bra in 2001.
Very Sexy Fantasy Bra ($ 11 million)
Fifth most expensive bra is also owned by Victoria Secret. The bra worth 11 million dollars which was presented in a fashion show for the first time by German American supermodel Heidi Klum in 2003.
Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra ($ 12.5 million)
The bra features 2,900 pave-set diamonds along with 22 ruby gemstones. The stones are set in 18K white gold. It took over 300 hours to create. The focal point of the bra is a 101-carat flawless pear-shaped stone. The total carat weight of the bra is 108.37 for the diamonds and 38.25 for the rubies. The bra is on sale for $12,500,000. Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen wore this bra for the first time in a fashion show in 2005.
Molly Sims Bra ($20 million)
World’s most expensive bra was designed by Susan Rosen. The bikini is made up of 150 carats of diamonds—including a pair of fifteen carat, round-cut diamonds; a thirty carat, emerald-cut diamond and a pear-shaped, fifty-one carat diamond. Rather than using cloth to make the expensive swimsuit, Ms. Rosen opted to make it out of platinum. An American actress Molly Sims wore it in 2006 for the first time.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Amazing Coincidents !!!!!

Life is full of coincidences, some very minor, but occasionally – extraordinary. This is a list of 15 of the most incredible, unbelievable coincidences.
15. Childhood Book
While American novelist Anne Parrish was browsing bookstores in Paris in the 1920s, she came upon a book that was one of her childhood favorites – Jack Frost and Other Stories. She picked up the old book and showed it to her husband, telling him of the book she fondly remembered as a child. Her husband took the book, opened it, and on the flyleaf found the inscription: “Anne Parrish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs.” It was Anne’s very own book.
14. Poker Luck
In 1858, Robert Fallon was shot dead, an act of vengeance by those with whom he was playing poker. Fallon, they claimed, had won the $600 pot through cheating. With Fallon’s seat empty and none of the other players willing to take the now-unlucky $600, they found a new player to take Fallon’s place and staked him with the dead man’s $600. By the time the police had arrived to investigate the killing, the new player had turned the $600 into $2,200 in winnings. The police demanded the original $600 to pass on to Fallon’s next of kin – only to discover that the new player turned out to be Fallon’s son, who had not seen his father in seven years!
13. Twin Deaths
The Road And The Clouds Thelma Louise
On 2002, Seventy-year-old twin brothers have died within hours of one another after separate accidents on the same road in northern Finland. The first of the twins died when he was hit by a lorry while riding his bike in Raahe, 600 kilometres north of the capital, Helsinki. He died just 1.5km from the spot where his brother was killed. “This is simply a historic coincidence. Although the road is a busy one, accidents don’t occur every day,” police officer Marja-Leena Huhtala told Reuters. “It made my hair stand on end when I heard the two were brothers, and identical twins at that. It came to mind that perhaps someone from upstairs had a say in this,” she said.
12. Poe Coincidence
Aventuras De Arthur Gordon Pym
In the 19th century, the famous horror writer, Egdar Allan Poe, wrote a book called ‘The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’. It was about four survivors of a shipwreck who were in an open boat for many days before they decided to kill and eat the cabin boy whose name was Richard Parker. Some years later, in 1884, the yawl, Mignonette, foundered, with only four survivors, who were in an open boat for many days. Eventully the three senior members of the crew, killed and ate the cabin boy. The name of the cabin boy was Richard Parker.
11. Royal Coincidence
King-Umberto I
In Monza, Italy, King Umberto I, went to a small restaurant for dinner, accompanied by his aide-de-camp, General Emilio Ponzia- Vaglia. When the owner took King Umberto’s order, the King noticed that he and the restaurant owner were virtual doubles, in face and in build. Both men began discussing the striking resemblances between each other and found many more similarities.
1. Both men were born on the same day, of the same year, (March 14th, 1844).
2. Both men had been born in the same town.
3. Both men married a woman with same name, Margherita.
4. The restauranteur opened his restaurant on the same day that King Umberto was crowned King of Italy.
5. On the 29th July 1900, King Umberto was informed that the restauranteur had died that day in a mysterious shooting accident, and as he expressed his regret, he was then assassinated by an anarchist in the crowd.
10. Falling Baby
Baby At Window
In 1930s Detroit, a man named Joseph Figlock was to become an amazing figure in a young (and, apparently, incredibly careless) mother’s life. As Figlock was walking down the street, the mother’s baby fell from a high window onto Figlock. The baby’s fall was broken and Figlock and the baby were unharmed. A year later, the selfsame baby fell from the selfsame window, again falling onto Mr. Figlock as he was passing beneath. Once again, both of them survived the event.
9. Mystery Monk
Franciscanmonk Loc
In 19th century Austria, a near-famous painter named Joseph Aigner attempted suicide on several occasions. During his first attempt to hang himself at the age of 18, Aigner was interrupted by a mysterious Capuchin monk. And again at age 22, he was prevented from hanging himself by the very same monk. Eight years later, he was sentenced to the gallows for his political activities. But again, his life was saved by the intervention of the same monk. At age 68, Joseph Aigner finally succeeded in suicide, using a pistol to shoot himself. Not surprisingly, his funeral ceremony was conducted by the very same Capuchin monk – a man whose name Aiger never even knew.
8. Photographic Coincidence
A German mother who photographed her infant son in 1914 left the film to be developed at a store in Strasbourg. In those days some film plates were sold individually. World War I broke out and unable to return to Strasbourg, the woman gave up the picture for lost. Two years later she bought a film plate in Frankfurt, over 100 miles away, to take a picture of her newborn daughter. When developed the film turned out to be a double exposure, with the picture of her daughter superimposed on the earlier picture of her son. Through some incredible twist of fate, her original film, never developed, had been mislabeled as unused, and had eventually been resold to her.Life is full of coincidences, some very minor, but occasionally – extraordinary. This is a list of 15 of the most incredible, unbelievable coincidences.
7. Book find
In 1973, actor Anthony Hopkins agreed to appear in “The Girl From Petrovka”, based on a novel by George Feifer. Unable to find a copy of the book anywhere in London, Hopkins was surprised to discover one lying on a bench in a train station. It turned out to be George Feifer’s own annotated (personal) copy, which Feifer had lent to a friend, and which had been stolen from his friend’s car.

6. Twins
Mm Ring.Jpg
The twin brothers, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, were separated at birth, adopted by different families. Unknown to each other, both families named the boys James. Both James grew up not knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. Both had sons, one of whom was named James Alan and the other named James Allan. The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women – both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they named Toy.
5. Revenge Killing
300053732 0B20Ed7E73
In 1883, Henry Ziegland broke off a relationship with his girlfriend who, out of distress, committed suicide. The girl’s enraged brother hunted down Ziegland and shot him. Believing he had killed Ziegland, the brother then took his own life. In fact, however, Ziegland had not been killed. The bullet had only grazed his face, lodging into a tree. It was a narrow escape. Years later, Ziegland decided to cut down the same tree, which still had the bullet in it. The huge tree seemed so formidable that he decided to blow it up with dynamite. The explosion propelled the bullet into Ziegland’s head, killing him.
4. Golden Scarab
Picture 2-8
From The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche: “A young woman I was treating had, at a critical moment, a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. While she was telling me this dream I sat with my back to the closed window. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, like a gentle tapping. I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane from outside. I opened the window and caught the creature in the air as it flew in. It was the nearest analogy to the golden scarab that one finds in our latitudes, a scarabaeid beetle, the common rose-chafer (Cetonia aurata) which contrary to its usual habits had evidently felt an urge to get into a dark room at this particular moment. I must admit that nothing like it ever happened to me before or since, and that the dream of the patient has remained unique in my experience.” – Carl Jung
3. Taxi
In 1975, while riding a moped in Bermuda, a man was accidentally struck and killed by a taxi. One year later, this man’s bother was killed in the very same way. In fact, he was riding the very same moped. And to stretch the odds even further, he was struck by the very same taxi driven by the same driver – and even carrying the very same passenger!
2. Hotel Discovery
In 1953, television reporter Irv Kupcinet was in London to cover the coronation of Ellizabeth II. In one of the drawers in his room at the Savoy he found found some items that, by their identification, belonged to a man named Harry Hannin. Coincidentally, Harry Hannin – a basketball star with the famed Harlem Globetrotters – was a good friend of Kupcinet’s. But the story has yet another twist. Just two days later, and before he could tell Hannin of his lucky discovery, Kupcinet received a letter from Hannin. In the letter, Hannin told Kucinet that while staying at the Hotel Meurice in Paris, he found in a drawer a tie – with Kupcinet’s name on it.
1. Historical Coincidence
Small Us Declaratione
The lives of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, two of America’s founders. Jefferson crafted the Declaration of Independence, showing drafts of it to Adams, who (with Benjamin Franklin) helped to edit and hone it.The document was approved by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Surprisingly, both Jefferson and Adams died on the same day, July 4, 1826 – exactly 50 years from the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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£15 million/$25 million
Screen Shot 2010-03-20 At 10.44.02 Am
Yes, you read that right: £15 million. This is a timepiece by Chopard it is adorned with three heart-shaped diamonds, a 15-carat pink diamond, a 12-carat blue diamond and an 11-carat white diamond. Just for good measure, they threw in 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds to bring the total to 201 carats of diamonds. It’s £15 million price tag will guarantees its place as the world’s most expensive watch for years to come.
Diamond Ring
£9.78 million/$16.26 million
Jewels 1
Another piece by Chopard is the Blue Diamond Ring, it is the ring that makes any other diamond ring look bad. Set with an enormous, oval-shaped blue diamond, the ring also has diamond shoulders and an 18k white gold band paved with diamonds. Blue diamond is among the most expensive diamonds in the world. It is found among boron deposits, from whence it derives its shade. This particular gem weighs in at nine carats. The world’s most expensive ring is valued at £9.78 million, enough to put a dent in the wallets of even the wealthiest individuals.
Mobile Phone
£1.44 million/$2.4 million
Where would we be without our mobile/cell phone? The Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson still develops a unique and innovative iPhone 3G Kings Button as the world’s most expensive mobile phone. The iPhone 3G Kings Button is dressed with high quality diamond and gold that make it special, unique and luxurious. Its home button has been integrated with high quality 6.6 carat diamonds and every corner of the phone has a white gold line which contain approximately 138 finely shaped diamonds on it. The lavish jewelry designer of the iPhone 3G Kings Button has created a record for himself by creating the most expensive iPhone 3G in the world.
£750.000/$1.25 million
If your passion for performance and luxury cars cannot be stopped, and your McLaren F1 is becoming a bore with the rest of your exotic cars, it might be time to check out theVeyron from Bugatti. At around £750,000, it is the most expensive production car ever made. So what do you get for all that money? How about a W-16 (essentially two narrow-angle V-8s sharing a crankshaft) with four turbochargers generating 1001 hp, throw in all-wheel drive and you’ve got a seriously fast car. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 hits 60 mph in 2.5 secs., does the quarter-mile in 10.5 secs. and reaches its top speed of 252 mph in just 55 secs. After a long absence from the market Bugatti has reclaimed its title as the ultimate performance car and reigns supreme as the world’s most expensive car in production.
£1.33 billion/$2 billion
Antilla is the new house of Mukesh Ambani. This house breaks the record for most expensive house in the world. It is the first home in the world that exceeds $1 billion. The house is 570 feet high and is built in the middle of downtown Mumbai, India around an area that’s full of poverty. Each of Ambani’s family will have their own personal health club; there is also a six level garage for 168 cars. Most of the tower is built from glass. The ultra modern house also features a panic room and cinema and each level also has a lush garden. The family employs around 600 servants and staff.


Nαυαγός 1907 Heidsieck. Αυτά τα αιωνόβια μπουκάλια σαμπάνιας από το αμπέλι Heidsieck σε Champagne πήρε πάνω από ογδόντα χρόνια για να φθάσουν στον προορισμό τους. Αποστέλλεται στη ρωσική αυτοκρατορική οικογένεια το 1916.Ένα ναυάγιο ανοικτά των ακτών της Φινλανδίας προκάλεσε αυτή σαμπάνια για να χαθεί στη θάλασσα μέχρι δύτες ανακάλυψαν πάνω από 200 μπουκάλια το 1997. Τώρα, από όπου και αν τελικά οι οποίες πωλούνται σε πλούσιους επισκέπτες στο Ritz-Carlton Hotel στη Μόσχα. Έκτακτο ιστορία του κρασιού και την απίστευτη ηλικία είναι αυτό που το κάνει πιο ακριβό κρασί στον κόσμο.
£ 129,000 / 215,000 δολαρίων
Perf Imperial Majesty
Κολλημένος για ένα δώρο του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου, παρόντες μούμια, ή μια γυναικεία κάλτσα πλήρωσης για τη θεία Τζέσι; Αν τα χρήματα δεν είναι αντικείμενο για να σας, £ 129.000 ένα μπουκάλι "Imperial Majesty" Βρετανό σχεδιαστή Clive Christian έχει πρόσφατα ψηφίστηκε στο βιβλίο Γκίνες το ακριβότερο άρωμα στον κόσμο. Μπορείτε να το κάνετε, φυσικά, να πάρει χρήματα σας αξίζει. Δεν είναι μόνο 16,9 ουγκιά του χυμού χύνεται σε μια τακτοποίηση για το μπουκάλι βασίλισσα, αλλά κόλλησε στο 18 καρατίων χρυσό περιλαίμιο είναι ένα πέντε καρατίων διαμάντι. Με μόνο πέντε φιάλες, θα είναι μοναδικό, διαφορετικό ... και έσπασε. Ωστόσο, μπορείτε να πάρετε όμορφο άρωμα θέση σας, και εσείς δεν θα μυρίζει όπως όλοι οι άλλοι. Επίσης, η τιμή περιλαμβάνει την παράδοση σε μια Bentley ... Τρέξτε να Harrods τώρα! [JFrater: Έχω μυρίσει το άρωμα και δεν είναι όλα αυτά ελκυστικά. Αν θέλετε ένα καλό άρωμα που δεν είναι πολύ ακριβό, αλλά πέρα από την προσιτότητα του μέσου αγοραστή, να πάρει το unisex Amouage Αφιέρωμα Attar -. μυρίζει καταπληκτικά και είναι 650 δολάρια ΗΠΑ για 30ml]
£ 43.000 / 71.500 δολαρίων
Η £ 43.000 αρκούδα έχει γούνα από πραγματικό χρυσό, και τα μάτια γίνονται με ζαφείρια και διαμάντια. Steiff, η οποία ισχυρίζεται ότι έχει γίνει πρώτη στον κόσμο αρκουδάκι, έκανε την χρυσή αρκούδα για να γιορτάσει 125η επέτειό της.Η νέα αρκούδα έχει ένα στόμα από ατόφιο χρυσάφι, γούνας γίνεται με νήματα από χρυσό και τα μάτια με τους μαθητές των ζαφείρι και ίριδες γίνονται από 20 μικροσκοπικά διαμάντια. Έχουν μόνο 125 εκδόσεις του συλλεκτικά Jubilee Αρκούδα έχουν παραχθεί.
Computer Mouse
£ 12400 / 24180 δολάρια
Pat Says Now Diamond Flower ποντικιού 1
Οι περισσότεροι καταναλωτές χρησιμοποιούν μόνο το ποντίκι που έρχεται με την επιφάνεια εργασίας τους και να αγοράζουν μόνο ένα ποντίκι όταν χύνουν το αναπόφευκτο ζεστό φλιτζάνι καφέ και την καταστροφή της δράσης τροχό με το ποντίκι τους. Άλλοι πρέπει να σκεφτούν το ποντίκι τους ως ένα αξεσουάρ μόδας όμως, γιατί για ποιον άλλο λόγο θα ελβετική κατασκευαστής Pat Says Now παράγουν πιο ακριβό το ποντίκι του υπολογιστή του κόσμου. Η δαπανηρή περιφερική ερρίφθη από λευκό χρυσό 18 καρατίων και που με 59 ΜΠΡΙΓΙΑΝ. Το ποντίκι χρησιμοποιεί ένα μοντέρνο 3-κουμπί τροχό οπτική σχεδίαση του ποντικιού, επιλογές για USB ή PS / 2 συνδέσεις για PC ή Mac, ένα 800 dpi, και ένα 3 χρόνια εγγύηση. Το ακριβές ποντίκι έρχεται σε δύο σχέδια, «Diamond Flower» και το «Λίγο Diamond» διάταξη. Μπορείτε να bling έξω και να διαμορφώσετε το ακριβότερο ποντίκι του υπολογιστή, με την προσθήκη αρχικά σας σε διαμάντια, και μπορούν να επιλέξουν από κίτρινο, κόκκινο ή λευκό χρυσό με λευκό ή μαύρο περιποίηση.
£ 6.660.000 / $ 10 εκατομμύρια
Εμπνευσμένο από τη Συλλογή Άγγελοι από της Victoria Secret, αυτό το σουτιέν φαντασία είναι πραγματικά έστειλε από τον ουρανό. Το Fantasy Bra είναι η ενσάρκωση του Secret Angels της Βικτώριας - με ένα σχέδιο, όπως εκθαμβωτική και αιθέρια, όπως τα φτερά του αγγέλου. Η δημιουργία διαθέτει 2.900 ΠΑΒΕΤ-που λευκά διαμάντια σε 18k λευκό χρυσό ζυγίζει ένα σύνολο 112 καράτια. Το κεντρικό στοιχείο του κομματιού μία φορά-in-a-ζωής είναι μια εκπληκτική 70-καρατίων, σε σχήμα αχλαδιού αψεγάδιαστο διαμάντι.

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10 fast skin fixes: get the gorgeous, glowing skin you want!

Hey, you! Want clear, glowing, gorgeous skin? We thought so. That's why GL teamed with skin care experts Renee Rouleau, of the Renee Rouleau Skin Spa, and Annet King, educator at The International Dermal Institute, for a crash course in the secrets to great skin....
1 Wash your face way before you go to bed. If you wait until you're ready to hit the sack, you'll be too tired to wash up, and research shows skin repairs itself best around 10 p.m. So let skin breathe easy long before you start snoozing.
2 Wear sunscreen every day, year-round. Botox bites. So use a moisturizer that has an SPF 15 or higher (try Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF 15 Day Lotion, $10, drugstores). UV rays can do their damage while you're sitting in class, riding in the car or walking the dog .
3 Be nice to your face. Picking, poking and squeezing force bacteria deeper into the skin, resulting in scarring and further breakouts. Yuck.
4 Stop thinking that if your skin feels tight it must be clean. Tight skin isn't clean skin--it's dry skin. If you're rushing to dab on moisturizer after you wash, time to find a cleanser that won't leave you high and dry. Normal and combination skin will benefit most from a gel formula (we love Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Gel, $6, drugstores). Got dry or sensitive skin? Go for a creamy cleanser. Either way, choose a low foaming formula. More lather=more drying. Less lather=less drying.
5 Banish breakouts. If you've got major acne, an acne face wash is for you (we like Clearesil Total Control 5-in-1 Acne Cleanser and Moisturizer, $9, drugstores). If you just get spot breakouts, avoid acne washes. They worsen skin by drying out the clear parts and allowing dead skin-cell buildup. The buildup traps oil under skin, leading to more clogged pores and breakouts. So use spot treatments (Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, $6.50, drugstores).
6 Keep shine at bay midday. The ugly truth? You can't stop or slow down oil production. The beautiful solution? Blotting papers! They instantly pull oil off your skin. We like Sephora's Roll-Up Blotting Papers, $8,
7 Wash your face after you do your 'do. Almost all conditioners, hair sprays and mousses contain ingredients that can clog pores. So (carefully) wash your face after using hair products.
8 Clean your makeup brushes weekly. Bacteria and oil can build up which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Use a mild soap (Nature's Gate Organics liquid soaps, $6, drugstores) and cold water to carefully wash out brushes, and rinse thoroughly. Toss cosmetics sponges after a few uses to prevent the spread of bacteria.
9 Change pillowcases often. As you sleep, bacteria and oil collect on your pillowcase and are reintroduced to your skin the following night. So invest in a stack of nice pillowcases, and wash them with a dye- and fragrance-free laundry detergent, like Tide Free.
10 Get your beauty rest! Eight hours should do the trick. Sleep not only keeps undereye circles away but, at night, your body most actively rids itself of toxins that might otherwise wreak havoc with your skin. Z's also reduce stress, the top ache aggravator!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ten Ways to Have Beautiful and Healthy Hair

1. Keep your hair clean, this is very important for beautiful hair. If your hair is not washed properly or you go for more than a day or two between washings your hair may get greasy and dirty and will not look healthy. Proper care begins with clean hair.
2. Eating as balanced diet is very important for your hair to look and be healthy. If you aren't getting the vitamins you need you hair isn't getting the vitamins it needs and may lead to hair loss or other problems.

3. Have your hair trimmed every three months. This will help cut down on split ends and uneven hair.
4. Be aware that coloring your hair may dry it out. The use of blow dryers, curling irons, and straight irons may also damage your hair. Let your hair air dry when you can. If you want highlights, the best and mildest way is to wash your hair, then apply lemon juice to your wet hair and go outside in the sun and let it air dry. Do this a few times for the desired effect you want.
5. Use an anti frizz cream to tame those split ends and make your hair appear smoother. Dove Smooth & Soft anti-frizz cream works really well for this. You can buy the more expensive brands form the hair salon but if the less expensive brands work just as well, why would you?
6. If you use alot of styling gels, hairsprays ect, you need to make sure you get all of those products out of your hair. You could use a clarifying shampoo once a week or you could just add a tsp. of baking soda to your regular shampoo mix it in a small cup and use it that day. This will make your hair shinier also.
7. Do not vigorously rub your hair dry, this may damage it. Instead blot your hair with the towel and let air dry. If you have very long hair don't try to comb your hair while it's soaking wet, it's better to let it get at least half way dry so you don't cause split ends when combing it.
8. Put on a deep conditioning treatment once a week. This will keep your hair looking shiny, healthy and full of body.
9. Brush your hair before you go to bed. Especially if you have shoulder length hair or longer. The brushing will promote circulation. The best way to do this is to bend over with your head down and brush from the back to the front, this will also get rid of dirt particles, pollen and anything that might be in your hair. Brush at least sixty strokes or more.
10. Use detangler on your wet hair after shampooing and a wide tooth comb instead of a brush. Brushing wet hair can cause breakage and damage your hair. A good detangler is Neutrogena Triple Moisture leave-in conditioner. The leave in conditioners seem to be the best and make detangling hair alot easier.You don't have to stick with one kind or brand of shampoo or conditioner. For a long time I used the same brand my mother did, then I grew up and tried all kinds of brands until I found one's I liked. I still try new brands and different things for my hair.