Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Should We Eat in Summer to Prevent a Suntan?

How to prevent suntan in summer is a big issue for many girls. Here, I recommend you several kinds of food that are helpful for sun-proof.
1. High vitamin C fruits
If you girls want to own healthy, fair and smooth skin, then you should eat 2 or 3 kinds of fruits that are rich in vitamin C. For example, you can eat tomatoes, kiwi fruits and strawberries. Kiwi fruit contains abundant vitamin C, which can hinder the formation of melanin and assist removing freckles. In addition, if you hope to increase the defensive ability for UV, try to take in more vitamin E, which can prevent the aging of skin. Do not forget to replenish calcium that can increase the elasticity of skin.
2. Green tea
American researches found that drinking green tea or eating skincare products containing green tea ingredients can reduce one third peroxide caused by exposure to sunshine. Peroxide can lead to sunburn, looseness and roughness of skin. For general people, they drink green to preserve health, so two to four cups of green tea are enough.
3. Fish
Eating fish three times a day can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. If people can eat fish regularly, fish can provide a kind of natural protection like sun cream.
4. Hot cocoa
Numerous scientific researches have proven that hot cocoa is helpful for health. As chocolate contains many antioxidants like cocoa polyphenol and flavonoid, it is useful to eat chocolate in the right amounts.Currently, you can hardly buy pure black cocoa powder without sugar and cream on the market. As long as you add hot milk and a little brown sugar, you can enjoy a cup of delicious hot cocoa.
5. Nuts
For office workers, nut is their best snack. Due to air conditioning, wind and sunshine, water in the skin will be consumed quickly. Most vegetable oils in the nuts contain much vitamin E, which can resist oxidation and help eliminate free radicals. Vitamin E is really a good substance to prevent the formation of wrinkles and help moisturize skin. What is more, vitamin E can effectively prevent the deposition of pigment in the skin.
6 .Salads

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