Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Health Benefits of Swimming

Health benefits of swimming include obesity, muscular strength, stress, back pain, pregnancy and breast cancer. Whether we plunge into a pool or swim in the open sea, we all love being inside water. Swimming is an exhilarating experience in itself. There are numerous health benefits attached to this unique exercise. Swimming does wonders for your body as well as the mind. Swimming helps you work out your entire body, thus improving muscular strength and cardiovascular strength of the human body. Body gets maximum oxygen source through the swimming act.

Health benefits of swimming are associated with fun, relaxation and enjoyment. It is greatly beneficial for our body mechanism. In summer time, it assists in beating the body heat and rejuvenates. It builds up your strength and energy like no other exercise could possibly do. According to University of ExtremaduraSpain, swimming in warm water can relieve body from pain.
Obesity: Swimming is extremely beneficial exercise for reducing obesity. Swimming is known to burn excess calories in our body. You can lose up to 800 to 900 calories in just an hour of swimming. Many individuals take up swimming to stay fit and lean.

Benefits: The health benefits of swimming are many. Nowadays people find this aerobic form of exercise enjoyable and fun, as more and more people are getting involved in water sports. Let us explore some of the health benefits of swimming:
  • Muscular Strength: Those who swim regularly have a strong heart and good muscle stamina. It may also heal injured muscles in our body.
  • Stress: This aerobic work out can make you relaxed and enhances your energy levels. You can find yourself free from stress and worries after a good swimming session.
  • Back Pain: As swimming does not strain the connective tissues, it is a good sport for physically challenged people. Swimming can also give relief to individuals suffering from leg and lower back pain.
  • Pregnancy: Swimming strengthens abdominal and shoulder muscles. It is thus very useful form of exercise for pregnant ladies. Thus, water workout relieves joint pains and other discomforts connected with pregnancy. The study conducted byMelpomene Institute of Minneapolis has confirmed that pregnant women become less prone to miscarriages by following swimming sessions.
    • Breast Cancer: Medical experts suggest swimming exercise for all post-surgical patients of breast cancer, to toughen the weakened muscles. But, it is advisable for all breast cancer patients to consult a physician before taking up swimming.
    More on Swimming:
    The side effects of swimming include the risk of skin infections, ear and eye infections, diarrhea andfever. You should take up swimming as an exercise only after consulting your doctor. It is essential to apply sunscreen before taking the plunge. You need to protect yourself from various bacteria, water germs and other micro-organisms found in the sea water, lakes, pools and even springs.

    Swimmers all over the world find it a great form of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Children and adolescents can reap marvelous results from swimming sessions, as it builds their tender muscles and aids in bone growth. Children are known to grow in height rather than in weight after regular swimming sessions. It is a wonderful recreational water sport for the entire family. You can enjoy it with your friends and family in your own pool or out in the sea.

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