Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 Ways for a Beautiful Pimple-free Face

Ways to have a beautiful, pimple- free face.

“It is really hard to face a problem, especially if the problem is the face”.
Over the years, people have been trying to be beautiful. As part of the routine is making sure that the face comes first, since it always represent who you are. Anyone wants to be represented accordingly and to leave good impressions is the main goal. So I’m sharing this hub to somewhat inform on ways to have a beautiful pimple- free face.
1 Skin Cleansing Regimen-
The basic trick is to always keep your skin as dirt free as possible. That is keeping it clean by a daily cleansing routine. Water alone can not prevent pimples on getting on your face, but a mild soap and warm water tandem can eliminate excessive dirts and oils clogging the pores. Using warm water loosens up the pores, thus giving you chances on removing those stacked up dirt and rinsing with cool water closes them up. Mild soap is the safest to use if you don’t know your skin type. To help prevent the oil buildup that can contribute to acne, wash your face twice a day with a mild soap and warm water. Don't scrub your face hard with a washcloth — acne can't be scrubbed away, and scrubbing may actually make it worse by irritating the skin and pores. Try cleansing your face as gently as you can. Remember adding more than enough oils to your skin would only adding clogs to the skin. The easier your skin breaths, the lesser problems they will give you and you will need a lot of patience and discipline to do it!2 Don’t Over clean
Over cleansing can mean washing your face more than necessary or by using a too harsh cleaner. It is destructive to the skin’s function because it strips away the natural oils and disrupts the protective layer of the skin leading to dryness and irritations.
Cleansing products should not contain deodorants, they may aggravate your skin and eventually clog the pores. Apply a moisturizer to replenish the skin after each cleanse.
3. Avoid using too much makeup or going to bed with makeup on.
Make- ups often contain potential skin irritants and should be used minimally. If left overnight, percolates your pores, clogs and congests your skin. Be sure to wash your face before going to bed and after waking up before you put on another one. After removing make up, awash your face again to cleanse up the face.
4. Change your Pillowcase more often
Make sure to clean your pillowcase regularly, they are your face’s best friend. Your face comes in contact every night with the pillow case and leaving some oils and germs. Constant rubbing (while sleeping) can cause pimple outbreak or even acne. Wash or change your pillow cases weekly.
5. Lessen the tensions
Stress doesn't usually cause acne. Realize that pimples are often the result of hormonal shifts and will go away once the hormone irregularity is corrected. Stress, although it can make existing acne worse because stress increases sebum production. So try to relax a bit to control the process.

6 Dump some myths

There are also myths about what helps make acne better. Acne isn't really helped by the sun. Although a tan can temporarily make acne look less severe, it won't help it go away permanently — and some people find that the oils their skin produces after being in the sun make their pimples worse.
7 Remove skin radicals
To have beautiful, soft, radiant face, you need to eat plenty of the right stuff: fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber, and water. Water and fiber are critical because it helps to move out toxins using the regular channels of elimination rather than using the skin as an exit point. Eat healthy – proper diet and vitamin intake is vital for healthy skin. Drinking water also helps skin look and feel better by hydrating the skin.

8 A Healthy living

Well of course, basically we know the rules on keeping our body healthy by avoiding too much drinking alcohols, smoking, and unbalanced sleeping habits. These contribute to the impairment of the body hormone regulations should be lessened or skipped. Likewise a good exercise, sweating it out a little can help remove the toxins out of the body. Make sure to shower or wash your face every sessions to lessen the possibility of dirt reentry in your pores.
9 The Natural tips
Here is an all-natural face and skin cleanser-beautifier using available fruits, based on an Indian regimen. Follow the simple procedures to have a more radiant looking skin:Apples,Banana, Lemons,Papaya,Peaches,Pineapple,Strawberry .

10 Other products

Besides common sense approaches to preventing or reducing the risk of acne, there are also acne prevention products that can help. These products include special cleanses, pads, and ointments that can kill bacteria on contact, help unclog pores and wipe away cellular material including bacteria and sebum from the surface of the skin. Be sure to settle with the following products that:
Help eliminate toxins and free radicals and trapped sebum within the skin.
Help protect the skin against dirts, toxins and pollutants that can cause skin disorders such as pimples.
Help to balance the pH of the skin, making it less prone to infections.
Help improve nutrients flow and circulation to the skin.

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