Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Make a Magic Romantic Evening at Home for a Woman


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      You don't have to scrub with bleach, but your romantic evening should be free of clutter and mess. Make sure bills, letters, or any work related papers are out of site. This night is to focus on each other, not work or how much housekeeping she has to do.

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      The most important part of any romantic evening is keeping it private. Once you have the house to yourselves, you'll want to keep it that way. Put a "DO NOT DISTURB" note on the entrance to your home. Turn cell phones off. Turn the ringer off on your home phone. Don't let anything interfere with the romantic atmosphere.

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      Turn off overhead lighting and lamps when you don't need to see to cook. Instead, light the room with candles. Be prepared to purchase several candles if you don't have any. It can take as many as 6 candles to provide sufficient light for a small room, and more for a larger room.

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      It could be music or it could be the sound of running water, but sound is an element that can't be forgotten when setting up your romantic evening. It's not just a mood enhancer, either. Adding sound will help buffer external noises like the neighbor's lawn mower, or barking dogs.
      When choosing music, stick with something melodic that you'll both enjoy. Keep the volume low enough to hold a conversation without effort. Avoid elevator music or music you might hear while running errands.
      White noise can work as well as music to block out external noise and can be quite romantic. The sound of an interior miniature waterfall, for instance, is an excellent way to block out noise and provide a lulling, natural element.

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      You don't need to blow the bank, but you should have a little surprise or two waiting for her. A box of chocolates or a small piece of inexpensive jewelry left on her pillow, for example, make charming gifts that add a bit of magic to the evening.

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      If you choose to add flowers to your evening, you're making a good choice. However, don't go to your local florist if you are looking to save money. You can purchase a beautiful bouquet at a grocery store or department store for half as much. To save even more money, try gathering some wild flowers. Simply remove any bugs and set them in a vase with water.

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      If you're hoping the romance will lead to something special in the bedroom, make sure she has fresh, clean sheets that smell nice.

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      If you're going to be drinking alcohol, make sure to choose a beverage that compliments the atmosphere. Wine or simple mixed drinks, for example, are usually a better choice than beer or novelty drinks. Remember, few wines are intended to be chilled.

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