Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Makeup Trends

2011,Gold and red shades ,the two colors will be think as sexy,charming and beauty.
The bright,warm colors like red and glod will help you look dazzing inspire yourself from this gorgeous makeuo trend,especially perfect for this spring-summer season.These shades tend to look glamour and come in different hues,and you can choose a hue that suit you skin tone best.
L.A.M.B.chose multi-shade makeup combining solid yellow and golden. It also requires the skill of eyeliner application as it makes the look bold and sexy. Note that the lower line is thicker than the upper one. Apply shimmer in the inner corner of your eye, then yellow shadow to the upper lid, not going beyond the crease though. Then take brown gold and start at the crease and blend toward the nose bridge. Then go way beyond your brow line but leave a nude space at the brow arch. To make this makeup neat place a piece of sticky tape where your eye ends and only then apply shadow and eyeliner that goes beyond your brow line. It will give you a sharp defined look. Complete with copper blush and sheer pink lip-gloss.
Bring in your sex appeal after the cold dull season with some bright lipstick colors. Anything from red, hot pink to orange and coral red will attract maximum attention. Not to lose the rest of the face to the bright spot go for black rich lashes with couple of coats of mascara. You can add sheer shadows to your eyes but make sure you not overdo it. Go for copper shades or tints that are a bit darker than your skin-color. To prevent bleeding lipstick prime your lips with a bit of foundation, lip-colored lip liner or complimentary shades to your lipstick.

KissKiss Gold And Diamond Lipstick The Most Expensive

To look beautiful and the best many women turn to the best products in the market. The latest product which many women want to purchase is the KissKiss Gold and diamond lipstick by Guerlain. This fabulous lipstick is considered to be the most expensive lipstick in the world going at a fixed rate of $62,000. 
Being the most expensive lipstick in the world and made in France, this KissKiss Gold and diamond lipstick is adorned with the most beautiful diamonds and gold which looks stunning with every 15 shades the lipstick comes in. 

The KissKiss Gold and diamond lipstick has 110gm of solid 18-carat gold along with rare 199 diamonds which is clear cut and the best thing about the KissKiss Gold and diamond lipstick is that it is refillable with any color you wish to choose according to your skin tone.
Apart from this unique feature, the lipstick was made by Guerlain company which also produced the first automatic lipstick along with the first solid lipstick. When not in use this most expensive lipstick in the world is well fitted in a black lacquered wooden case where no harm can come to it. It also comes with lip brush, a refill color and a black suede pouch to make your most expensive lipstick in the world look one of a kind. 

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