Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Do Men Love Motorcycles?

Motorcycles are great toys for big kids. Especially men. If you know a man with a bike, you probably also know he can’t get enough of his toy.
Some men only ride motorcycles and have no other means of transportation. Others like to keep the bike in storage and take it out and either work on it or go riding when the weather’s nice.
So what is it about bikes that make men love them like they do, and are women okay with that?
Man v. woman – it never ends
Many women don’t understand why their man gives his bike so much attention. Some gals may even feel jealous over the attention he gives to his bike. But motorcycles can be a passion for men. So much so, you might be able to compare it to a woman’s passion for diamonds, chocolate, shoes or designer clothes.
Or is that being sexist?
Some reasons men may love their motorcycles so much.
Here are a few answers we came up with when looking at the man and bike love phenomenon. If you have some others to add, please do so in a comment at the end of this post. We’d love to know what women (and men) think on this subject.
-A guy on a motorcycle looks hot. Whether they admit or not, men loved to be noticed by women – biker chicks, hot babes, sweet young thangs, you name it. Sitting on a hog in a cool leather jacket, a hot pair of leather pants or leather chaps can really get a guy noticed.
-Motorcycles provide a feeling of freedom. Bikes can get around traffic much easier than a car, and the wind whipping in your face can give you a great sense of being out in the open. Do you think an SUV or a minivan can provide that?
-To meet people who like bikes. By joining a club or frequenting a biker bar, a biker guy can get to know other guys who are also into their hogs, and shoot the breeze about the upcoming rally or hot biker chicks.
-Motorcycles make travel fun. A road trip can get boring, but when he’s on his bike his senses are charged and he’s concentrating while enjoying the view. Spying a dive bar along the way with bikes parked out front can be like a magnet. Of course, he will always drink responsibly.
-It’s his just reward for hard work. Let’s face it, after working hard all week, it is a God-given right to fire up the hog and go for a spin. Don’t you think?
-Most guys like to tinker around. No, I didn’t say “tinkle.” Give me a break! With all the cool aftermarket parts and motorcycle accessories around, like motorcycle saddlebags and hot looking motorcycle helmets and sexy Harley Davidson boots, what’s not to love? I mean, we all know guys love gear!
-Motorcycles can be a way for a guy to escape. They can become a passion.

-Some don’t even know why they love their bike. They know they do and never really gave it much thought. -Others won’t admit the real reason for their love affair.

Now it’s your turn. Guys, gals what say you? Why do men love motorcycles so much? And all you biker chicks, tell us why you’re hot for two wheels too. Or tell us if guys on a bike get you all warm and fuzzy. Gotta pulse? Leave a comment. Don’t be shy.

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