Friday, March 18, 2011

Why is it so easy for some people to lie rather than tell the truth?

People are willing to lie a lot quicker than to tell the truth because most people prefer fantasy to reality. Fantasy is a lot easy to grasp and you can handle it emotionally. To have reality thrown in one's face is very hard to comprehend and sometimes your mind can't handle it. And there are other factors too, such as a person with a psycological disorder or the enviroment you were brought up in. And some people lie to protect you, or what they believed would protect you.
The truth can hurt people sometimes and it can also hurt the person themselves. It's easier to lie because usually that's what we want to happen or what we think should have happen. The truth is somketimes ugly and people fear that so that's why they lie, thinking they don't have to face the ugly truth.
-Some people think that lying will get them out of telling the truth because most people thing they will get in more trouble if they lie .
-Because they can't handle the truth, basically!!
-The truth hurts .

What Is The Difference Between The Truth And A Lie?

A lie is much easier to identify than the truth. A lie is a statement made with intent to deceive. The intent is the key here: if I tell you that New York is in Canada, and I really believe that, then I'm not lying, even though the statement is demonstrably untrue, because I myself believe it - I am TRYING to tell the truth. On the other hand, if you are not sure where New York is, and I tell you it's in Canada - maybe because I want to you fail a test, look silly or whatever - then I have told a lie.
We often speak of "white lies", ie lies told with good intentions. For instance, if a friend's outfit doesn't look good, but s/he has no time to change it, it's kinder to say "you look great" than to be honest. Technically this is still a lie, it's just that most of u wouldn't consider it wrong.
But as for what truth is - we may agree on physical facts, but abstract "truth" is a very tricky concept. We can only say that, if you are trying to be honest, then you are, as far as you know, speaking the truth.
-The truth is something that actually happened or something that is real. A lie is usually something that is made up or a fantasy about what happened.
-Truth is eternal and lie always forgettable.

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