Monday, March 14, 2011

Enjoy every moments of happiness

We usually tend to believe that happiness is rare. Our minds are so burdened with worries and thoughts about the future that we miss that small moment of happiness which keep sparking in our lives. In fact, these moments of happiness keep coming into our lives but we ignore them because we keep waiting for a big bounty of bliss.
Osho gives a few clues for increasing these happy moments by becoming aware of them and strengthening them. Whenever you feel happy, look at a light; any light will do, just a candle, but do it only when you feel happy and relaxed. When something like joy permeates your beings, then look at the moon, at the stars or the morning sun or the evening sun; any light will do. When you feel happy look at the light and meditate on life so that light and happiness become joined together and there is a kind of conditioned reflex. After three to four weeks of practice you will be able to evoke that joy whenever you look at light; then it becomes simple. But first you have to make a deep association.
Whenever you feel happy, just repeat your own name again and again. Then the sound of your name and the feeling of happiness become intertwined. Later whenever you repeat your own name you will find that some source has been touched and a great blissfulness has been released. Whenever you feel depressed or low, stand outside a room with closed eyes for three minutes before entering and put all your negative feelings in a bundle. Deposit it just by the door and enter, and then forget about it. And you will be surprised; it is such a simple thing! Then when you exit the room, stand again for three minutes, put happiness in the bundle and collect it. Whenever you sit alone, not doing anything, feel light entering you from above. Soak it in, drink it; let it sink into your heart.
Let it permeate your entire body. You will find yourself disappearing as a material body and becoming a body of light. So enjoy moments of happiness!!

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