Thursday, March 10, 2011


Massage Benefits:
  1. Relaxation, releasing of tight muscles.
  2. Emotional comfort and stress management.
  3. Increased body awareness.
  4. Improved circulation, and improved lymphatic drainage for release of toxins.

Therapeutic Back Massage Technique Tips:

Lie the partner on their belly on a firm, comfortable surface (see diagrams below). Make sure you can reach their whole back without straining your own.

Back Massage Technique, Tip 1:
Whole Hand Effleurage

Warm the massage oil in your hands, and apply a modest amount (see tips, above ) with whole hand "effleurage" (definition - smooth rhythmic stroking): Use the whole surface of both hands (see diagram). Stroke reasonably firmly upwards from the lower back all the way up to the neck, then (gentler pressure), circle around and back to the lower back region (5 to 10 minutes).pmassageeffleuragehand

Back Massage Technique, Tip 2:
Effleurage using Heel of the Hand

There is a smaller area of contact, so the pressure is deeper. Both hands work in circles - start at the lower back. Move in a circle, first outward, then upward and return to the center. Gradually

 Back Massage Technique, Tip 3:
Effleurage using reinforced Fingers

(Smaller area of contact, so deeper again - see diagram). Stand on the opposite side to the one that you are working on. I suggest you stand on the right side first. Push with the flats of your fingers (one hand on top of the other) away from the center line, then glide back toward the spine. Start at the lower back, and work up to the upper back (five minutes).Picture: Effleurage using reinforced fingers
progress to the upper back (5 minutes).
Picture:  Effleurage using Heel of Hand

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