Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Safe Is Sex During Periods?

Firstly, let me state that having sex during the periods is absolutely safe. The only problem is that you may not be able to enjoy a clean sex as the climax might get messy. That is, if you are having the intercourse on the worst day for your woman, then your sexual intercourse might turn into disaster as there will be lot of blood all around.Indulging into sexual activity is one of the ways to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. But there are some times, when one gets confused on whether to have sex or not. And one such instance is when the woman is having her periods. Many times, men and women get confused and are unable to decide whether sexual intercourse is safe during periods or not.

When it comes to safety, any sexual activity will always have high risk associated with it, irrespective of the situation of the women. It means, whether the woman is enjoying her regular days or having periods, there are high chances of pregnancy and STDs to occur. So, if you are concerned about either of them, then the periods of the woman should not affect you and you can safely have the intercourse.
But it is very important for both the partners to remember some basics of safe sex. The man should make use of condoms during the intercourse and the woman should have some pills, if necessary. As there will be lot of blood while having sex during those days, there are high chances of infections. Using proper safety measures, both the partners can avoid pregnancy and STDs and keep each other clean.
According to the doctors, it is advisable that a man should not have sex with his partner during her menstrual cycle, but many people practice it. And they claim that they enjoy their sexual act more during the periods than otherwise. Well, the level of passion and enjoyment for every individual is different and hence it is a personal choice whether to indulge in any sexual activity during periods or not.

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