Monday, March 7, 2011

Do You Believe In Astrology And Zodiac Signs ?

Believers of astrology are divided into two: those who assumed that our lives are highly influenced by astrology and those who are against it.
Astrology is a kind of idolatry, which worships the sun, moon, and planets as evident in the Old Testament. It makes use of the heavenly bodies to determine ones fate. However, to believe in astrology or not remains to be debated based on the following principles:
Astrology has a strong influence in our lives.
Everything has its purpose.
When God created the world, he made all things with purpose. Everything has been planned prior to our birth; from what method of delivery you will be born, to the time of your death. When He created men, everything that is found in men belongs to Him; our knowledge, skills, talents, and intelligence. Scientists are just instruments whom God use to help spread the word. Therefore, the discovery of astrology has its own purpose. God intended it to be known to men so that we will know what we need to know about life.

Astrology does not have any influence in our lives.
It's only a mere coincidence.

Coincidence comes from the Latin word "co", which means in, together or with; whereas, incidence means "fall on". Sometimes, things happen because of coincidence, which have no obvious relationship. Just like when two people have the same birth date, this is because their parents gave birth on the very same day. It is not unusual for two same things to happen at the same time and day because there is always a word called probability.
Men are intelligent beings.
Although everything is pre-planned according to GOD's will, we are still given freedom and initiative to decide for ourselves. Since we are all created in His own image and likeness, God gave us intelligence, so that we may be able to think, plan and choose things on our own. We are all responsible for our own lives; therefore, whatever we will become in the future is the product of our hard work. If you choose to stay naive by not striving to learn; that is your choice.
Old Testament forbids divination.
It is in Babylon that astrology was first observed. In several instances in the Old Testament, God forbids occult, which includes astrology, magic, psychic, fortune-telling, and spiritualism. Here are some of the books in the Bible where God expressed His disgrace on idolatry and divination, which are as follows:

* Deuteronomy 18:9-14, 18-22
* 2 Kings 7:16-18
* Jeremiah 10:2
Only God can predict our future
God is the creator of all things including mankind. There is no single being who is more powerful than Him can foresee the future because it is only Him can tell what tomorrow may bring.
It means lack of faith
Entrusting your entire life to astrology only shows lack of faith to the creator. Do not keep on forecasting about your future lives since God told us not to worry about it. He will take care of everything if we will just put our trust in Him.

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