Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Best Body Lotions …

10. Nivea Extra Enriched Lotion

Price: $8.49 at
Nivea is a very popular brand of body lotions out there and that is why I have included it on my list of top ten. This is intended for those out there (both male and female) that have severely dry skin as it will help to gently rejuvenate it. It is a nourishing formula that has antioxidant vitamin E in it. In order to help reduce that roughness, it will provide your skin with a great amount of moisture. I recommend you putting this on your skin after you have gotten out of the shower or bath. It also helps to treat those conditions, such as Eczema. It is good for skin type of oily, sensitive, normal, dry and mature.
9. La Mer το Radiant Έγχυση
Price: $115.00 at
Sure, I admit that it may be a bit on the expensive side, but it is a perfect cream as it will give the radiance and clarity to your skin like you like. It doesn’t clog pores either. You will find some vital ingredients in this cream. This includes radient ferments, ionizing sea salts, super anti oxidants and much more.
8. Best Serum: Clarins Younger Longer Balm Only
Price: $115.50 at
Do you have dry skin? If so, then it would be a fine idea to use Clarins Younger Longer Balm. This is perfect for those that would like to eliminate the appearance of those wrinkles and fine lines. It is also great for those that do not have wrinkles right now as it is wrinkle protection. Basically, I have found that it helps the skin stay beautiful and young looking.
7. Hydrazone Body Lotion
Price: $32.50 at
When you are searching for a lotion, you want something that moisturizes and gets the job done, right? Well, that is why I have chosen Hydrazone Body Lotion as it will help moisturize your skin. When you use this lotion for about a week, you will start to notice the difference. It will also make you feel a lot better skin wise and will not clog your pores.
6. Frederic Fekkai Creme Luxueuse, Luxurious Body Cream With Shea Butter 6 oz (150 g)
Price: $65.00 at
This is the ultimate treatment when it comes to treating your skin. It has natural shea butter, which is great for your skin as far as moisture goes. There is also many botanicals and vitamins in it, which will give your skin superior conditioning. It will leave your skin feeling silky and soft. Make sure you do not get it in your eyes.
5. Penaten Baby Face and Body Creme

Price: $12.65 at
This body lotion is not only for you, but it is also for your child. It will be sure to keep the both of you feeling good about your skin. It will comfort your baby as well. The price tag on this product is unbeatable as well. You just need to try this product in order to feel how nice it feels.
4. Cabots Vitamin E Creme Intensive Skin Cream – 4 Oz
Price: $17.30 at
If you are searching for that product that hydrates, protects and smoothes your skin, then his would definitely be the one. When you first use this product, you are going to experience how comfortable it feels in your skin.
3. Lemony Lemon Shea Butter Body Creme
Price: $12.00 at
This is a rich cream that is packed full of shea butter. It will leave your skin feeling real good. The best thing about this cream is the fact that it does not contain any parabens. There is also essential oils of sandalwood and lemon that will lift those senses.
2. Thalgo Creme d’Exception – Exceptional Cream
Price: $130.00 at
When I first used this body lotion, I found that it really relaxes me. It also helps minimize those appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. It will help your skin to look smoother, radiant and more youthful. I tell you, with this lotion, you will not go wrong.
1. Creme 155 – Body Contouring Cream by YonKa (4.4 oz.)

Price: $55.00 at
If you have spongy, dimpled looking skin, then you will like this body lotion as it will help make your skin look better. It will help to improve your blood circulation and reduce the tissue pressure. In other words, it will help prevent those spider veins. I found that it leaves the body feeling nice and energized.

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