Thursday, May 26, 2011

When kids hear parents having sex ....

Parents, are you sure your kids don’t hear you when you are having sex?

We learn a lot from our children. It never occured to me that our kids think we have no sex life. Just because we have reached our 40′s doesn’t mean sex life is over.
 I found their candid answers quite helpful and amusing. Remember, these are teens’ opinions from all over the world.
The forum question was:
I have never heard my parents have sex, and I’m pretty sure they don’t anymore. What about the rest of you? Do you ever hear them?
The replies from teens:
1. No. hehe. But I think it’s sweet that parents still have that passion and affection for each other.
2. I think it’s horrid enough hearing them talk about it…
3. i don’t really want to imagine parents having sex. but i hope that when i reach their stage, i would still have sex. it sucks to have no sex life.
4. Oh Lordy… I have walked in on my dad and my mom…a few years later.. I walked in on my dad and my stepmom..and I’ve heard them many, many… MANY times. There should be a law or something..
5. I’ve heard them before, really shouldn’t sleep in the bedroom right beside theirs…
6. lol. well, i would be glad that they still have sex. it’s so good they’re so loving. but i really don’t want to think about it.
7. as their kids, there are some things we just don’t need to know! and it just seems perfectly fine when we do it, no?
8. we have double standards when it comes to sex.
9.Never heard them.Never walked in on them.Never want to.I’d like to thank the people who made our walls as thick as they can be for having never experienced such a horrific thing. And I knew my parents were having sex because there’s a 12 year gap between me & my next sibling!

10. I walked in on my mom and dad…and I saw more than any child should. I have walked in on my mom and step-dad as well. Funny thing is…I’ve only walked in when they were making babies in the living room. I still have the scars. Oh, and I’ve heard them a few times to. So yeah, I know my parents are still “active”.
11. i hope i’ll still be living a life full of passion and romance at that age. i wouldn’t want to be all dried up like some grandmas.
12. No, my mother and father aren’t very affectionate. And my mother sleeps with my younger brother rather than my father. sheesh. I don’t want to witness the act, but they could at least treat each other like they’re actually a couple, no?
13. i don’t think my parents do it anymore either. but one time when i was younger, i swore i caught them one saturday morning because i just busted into their room to go sleep next to them.. but i think i’m blocking that memory into some dream i had or something, haha.
14. I used to hear them .. when I was little. Not anymore. On a popular radio station called K92.. well.. popular over here… They had a special called, “Grandparents Do IT To” it was halarious.
15. I ‘ve heard it. No big deal. Frankly I’m more disturbed when I don’t hear anything. My parents aren’t aliens and I like to be constantly reassured of that fact.
16. Yes I have it was embarrassing they obviously didn’t know I was home. It was horrible my mom was talking really dirty.
17. I’ve heard my dad and my stepmother but never my mom and stepfather. I was going downstairs in the middle of the night to get a magazine I had left and I over heard them and I just scurried upstairs before anything more happened that I didn’t want to see or hear. I laughed to myself though thinking… dad still has it going on… good for him! LOL Besides, there will be pleny of payback when I bring my girlfriend/wife home for the holidays some time in the future.
18. Nope, never heard my parents doing it…. They probably do it when I’m not around.
Now it’s my turn to say my piece on this :
1. Parents, it’s fine to espouse sex education to our kids, if you’re comfortable with the topic.
2. Sex education doesn’t mean talking about our sex life to them.
3. It’s alright to show affection to our spouse . At least our kids know we are loving to each other.
4. It’s not okay for our kids to hear us having sex. We have to learn to lock our doors or ensure thicker walls to our rooms, and other privacy measures as some kids can get shocked.

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