Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe To Use?

Hi, I am Allen S. I am dealing with penis enlargement for the last 4 years since I found I have some problems. I only recommend you the methods I've worked with. All of the method are proven working and 100% natural.
This question together with "is penis enlargement actually works?" is the most common questions I am getting since I started dealing with penis enlargement solutions. Penis enlargement solution is one of those grey areas in life which no one is certain whether they are true or not as well as whether they are safe or not. I am about to explain to you right now what makes pills one of the WORST penis enlargement solutions and why you should think two or three times before you start using them.
Penis enlargement pills are pills like every other pill you will take during your life - they are full of chemicals. These days most of the people around the world are aware to the fact that most of the chemicals are not healthy and are trying to prevent from consuming them through food and drinks. A lot of people these days also trying to find a way to use old traditional and natural medicine such as Chinese medicine over the modern medicine simply due to the fact that the modern medicine is full of chemicals that in the long run will make some permanent damages to our body. Now that we clear this point, why would you use penis enlargement pills that are full of chemicals that can affect your body in the long run for the worse instead of using a safe and proven penis enlargement solution? That's right; there is no reason to use penis enlargement pills.
One more thing about those pills, when we are trying to enlarge out penis in the natural way we are actually do some jerking exercises that are increasing the blood flow into our penis, this way the two big chambers inside the penis are getting bigger and bigger and actually because of the constant pressure over time the cells duplicate themselves and make the two chambers extend. When we are doing this kind of exercises we know that the blood flow directly to the penis area. However - when we are taking a penis enlargement pill we will make the blood pressure all over the body to increase which will affect also the penis but not only, and it can cause some severe damage to other organs in the body.
 There are no bad things without good things and this is right also for penis enlargement solutions, there are also proven methods that will actually make your penis grow permanently and more important have no risks within. I would say that the best penis enlargement solutions are natural, and this leads me to penis enlargement exercises and devices. The exercises are sorts of guides that will take you through the process of enlarging your penis with specific exercise routines that will show you results in no time, this kind of solution has been tried over hundreds of thousands of people and was proven as working. Try to read the testimonials and you will be amazed. Another proven to be working solution is the stretching devices which are devices that you put on your penis all day and it put constant pressure on it so it actually works like I explained in the last paragraph. This kind of solution also gets great results, it's a bit more expensive but on the other hand you don't need to do anything.
For conclusion I will say that pills are not safe to use mainly because they are not specifically directed to your penis area. However - there are other solutions that can solve all of your problems in a natural and safe way without any side effects.


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