Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Myths About Bachelor's Life.

Bachelors… These mysterious characters since ancient times attract the attention of mankind, or rather, the best part of it. And that is legitimate, because they are the only ones who find strength to resist all-marriageable instinct requiring the birds must nest, the beasts - digging burrows, and human - expect of a family.
Old bachelors are successfully resisting against public opinion, even if it is backed by millennial traditions. How do they do it - is difficult to say. They also do not advertise their methods, so to penetrate into the secrecy is not quite easy.Woman only can make this, the only way - to marry bachelor. But the problem is that such an experiment usually ends with rough loss of the experimental subject (remember the traditional wedding toast - "to the sudden demise of so-and-so bachelor").
1.The Bachelor is unmarried man. The first and most massive delusion. If a person is not yet (or is already) not married, it does not mean that he is single. To enroll him to the cohort of convinced bachelors it is required more than the absence of marriage contract. His position - is not a social status, but a life
credo. This is a narrow range of people, they are terribly far from the family, to a certain extent "Loyal" singles are the elite of unmarried ones.
The main feature of a true bachelor is touching concern for the card cottage, built from his interests and hobbies, habits and attachments. A marriage is a real threat to the fragile construction. That is why Singles perceive so painfully the slightest hints of marriage bonds. Ironically, this feature is a reason why women are attracted to them. Near bachelor, even the poorer, you can always catch out aspirants seeking to plunge him into family life.
2. Social rating of unmarried is too low. "Socially immature" Singles are not ready to live in the family - it is a favorite object of Psychologists attacks from the women's sites. Well, if we take the premise of a marriage as the ultimate stage of relations, singles are truly defective. But more often it turns out that entering into a marriage a person loses opportunity for self-improvement - family "routine" eats every "good impulse". Just myth is declared equality of spouses - in fact someone always had to give way, stepping on the throat of "own song". How many sins are accused bachelors stubbornly unwilling to form a cell of society! He is indecisive, he has inferiority complexes, he is infantile, in general he is the brake of Social Development. It would not be!
We can not enumerate the scientific discoveries and social transformations, in which Singles are involved.
Recall only that entire World literature is based on adventures of bachelors (and misadventures of married men). 
3. Bachelors are afraid women and even hate them. Authorship of this legend, of course, belongs to women, who have not been able obtain a perspective bachelor in due course. They must blame themselves: too clearly demonstrated the desire to create a family. Singles immediately recognize these
hunters and really circumvents them by "tenth road". And frankly saying, bachelor communicates with the opposite gender not without obstacles.
Moreover, being not interested in marriage he primarily sees in woman a personality (also giving respect to shell, which personality is concluded in) Whether you can always expect the same from the legal husband? As for the allegations of misogynist , it is more the characteristic of personal nature and it does not matter either man is married or free - a secondary cause. It's no secret that some prominent sexual maniacs were faithful husbands and caring family breadwinners.
4. Unmarried has a lot of domestic problems. Remainder atavism of "days of the past jokes". Unshaven half-starved mint clothing bachelor now can be seen in the old film only. In fact, contemporary bachelor always try to keep a decent shape - this is part of his image. Thanks to the development of household appliances, he easily copes with housework and even gets a satisfaction with the fact that there are his own forces costs. In critical situations Service life helps, but more often - voluntary assistant from the list of females aspirants.

5. Bachelors live less. Error obliged for its emergence to biased methods of calculation. Young people which have no time to marry yet indiscriminately are included in box "Singles", significantly reducing the average age ratio. In addition, some researchers determine the divorced as the bachelors. It also distorts
the statistics - who will give a guarantee that their health was not undermined by stress from wedding idyll? Some anonymous authors on the Internet pages even unveiled their unique discovery - "mortality rate among unmarried is higher than among married!" But we always were confident that the mortality rate in both cases is the same - 100 per cents.
Now is the opportune moment to recall the myth of the notorious "glass of water", which "nobody will file"-the latest and the most" murderous "anti-bachelor argument". But think about: is it any life skill for sole cup sake (moreover just water!). By the way, the competent doctors argue that at this point we do not want to drink…
It seems that no one argument against stag life left. Yes but with frequency of approximately two to three times a year when cold and uncomfortably in the street, and all married friends celebrate family holiday at the table with "Olivier", single begins to spleen and seriously to think about life companion. And, how
vulnerable he is in these moments…

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