Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Say I’m Sorry

You just had an argument with a loved one.
 Both of you went your separate ways to get some space and time to think. You know that it’s not worth it to continue arguing and you want to say you’re sorry up front. But you just don’t know how. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to say you’re sorry to your loved one.
Think About the Argument .When you have some time to yourself, think about what the argument is all about. What was the cause of the argument? What was being said? Is there any truth in the argument? Did the argument spiral uncontrollably into other unsatisfied areas of your lives? How did that happen? This first step is a very important step to reflect and ponder over everything that had happened.
Think Beyond the Argument .The next step would be to think beyond the argument. Is this thing important enough to argue about? Is this important enough to destroy your relationship with this person? Do you still love this person?
Remember.You need to remind yourself that you never gain anything from an argument, but you always lose something.
Formulate What to Say in Your Mind .After you have convinced yourself that the argument is not worth it and you know that saying you’re sorry is in order, then you need to formulate what to say to that person in your mind.
Practice .You need to practice saying you’re sorry in front of the mirror. If you can’t do it in front of the mirror, then visualize it in your mind saying it. Do it over and over until you know that it will come out naturally.
Request to Meet.Call that person to request to meet up face-to-face. I know that this can be rather difficult but it is worth it. Do not say it over the phone! It won’t sound sincere.
Find a Suitable Spot .You may want to secure a secluded spot, preferably away from other people who might hear you, if that makes you more comfortable.
Breathe.Take a deep breath.. Open .Open your mouth.. And say what you have to say. Say how sorry you are about the argument. Say that you have thought over it and knew in your heart that it’s just not worth it. Offer a reconciliation agreement instead. Hug and kiss!

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