Thursday, May 19, 2011

What do men get out of strip clubs?

The way men think and act is a topic that has always mystified women and there is nothing so confusing as the question, “What do men get out of strip clubs?”
Here is a man's perspective. Let us know if you agree or not...
Most women have never been to a strip club, but there are some universal rules that are assumed.
It is assumed that all the women do is strip. The man gets nothing but to see a naked woman. Why must he go to a strip club? Why can’t he stay home and watch?
One of the reasons men say they go to strip shows is that they find it relaxing.

After a long day at work, most men want a way to forget the stress and demands of every day life. A couple of drinks and a pretty woman with no long term commitments is enjoyable for many men.
They don’t expect to take the woman home, and they don’t expect her to have sex with them. Often they don’t even expect the girl to talk to them. They are just there to look and unwind.
Men like to feel important .
For some, simply sitting in a room full of beautiful, scantily clad women eager to impress them is enough. He doesn’t expect sex. He doesn’t expect a commitment. He just likes the feeling of being appreciated for the moment.
Of course, some men go into a strip club with the hopes of at the least seeing naked women, and at the most taking one home for the night. Many men have an aversion to commitment and do not want long term relationships.
Strippers rarely expect you to call the next day, and aren’t normally looking for a man to spend all their time with.
In the rare instance that a man does convince one to go home with him, it is often with the understanding that there will be no commitment beyond that night.
A man in a committed relationship in a strip club is not necessarily looking to cheat, or even looking to become stimulated.
If your husband or boyfriend is visiting strip clubs, unless you have an agreement that he will not, getting upset is probably not necessary. Sometimes, they go just to spend time with their single friends who are there enjoying the entertainment. In some circles, business is conducted during strip shows.
Some men are of course looking to spice up their private life, and head to the strip club to find ideas.
Some of these guys even take their girlfriends with them. For some couples, it’s a little peek into a world they don’t belong in, and can help spice things up at home if they’re getting a little stale.
Most men see a strip club as a little escape from the real world.
It’s not generally considered a way of life, or even something they do often, and as they get older, most men will go less often. Many women find that simply talking to their man can lessen if not completely curb this behaviour altogether.
Men aren’t there for just sex. They go for many reasons that have nothing to do with sex, although there is always that little hope or fantasy for some .

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