Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Most Expensive Perfumes In the World

Do you ever had an experience to smell the most exclusive and classy perfumes of the world? These days what are the most exclusive perfume brands? So, here are 10 top listed most exclusive fragrances around the world.
1. Clive Christian Perfume for $215,000
Clive Christian perfume added a top class quality to its credits which is the reason that in spite of its high price there is no shortage of bargain hunters. On the other hand, some people think that its high price is due to the stunning diamond fixed to the bottle that could be worth alone $215,000. Only ten bottles for Clive Christian No 1 for Men or No 1 for Women perfumes are all what you can get. 
Baccarat Perfume for $ 6,800

With the creation of perfume Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes, Baccarat stepped in the field of perfume business else it was only known for its production of crystal covered bottles to pack expensive perfumes.
Ralph Lauren Perfume for $3,540

Ralph Lauren Perfume is one of the most costly perfumes ever launched by French model Laetitia Casta that is at a cost of $3,540 which you can only get from Harrods retail outlet. This perfume is cited as the best perfume bought by high class people during Christmas time.
Caron’s Poivre for $2000
Caron’s Poivre is filled in an extremely dazzling beautiful Baccarat bottle which reflects shine of classiness as the white collar crusted with pristine crystals. A 2 ounce of this fragrance bottle can be purchased at a price of $2000.
Annick Goutal Perfume EAU D’hadrien for $1,500
This Perfume is an outcome of extensive research on citrus fruits by Annick Goutal. It is extracted from citrus fruits. By citrus fruits I mean grapes and Sicilian lemons.People around you will surely be fascinated of your personality due to the fragrance’s sweet smelling. Don’t be confused this perfume will provide what you want.
 Hermes Perfume 24 Faubourg for $1,500
This perfume was invented to combine the images of extravagance and feminine quality and was launched in 1995 named after the Parisian address of the Hermes flag store. It is available in market in limited quantity which is just 1000 bottles worldwide. Because of this perfume the Hermes Company enjoys a reputation for about 57 years for creating such wonderful fragrance for male and female both. 24 Faubourg is packed in 1 ounce Louis crystal bottle at a price of $1500.
 Shalini Perfume for $900
It is a combination of deep luxurious odor of sandalwood, tuberose, vanilla and musk, sheer in coriander, neroli and ylang-ylang produced by Maurice Roucel. You can get a 2.2 oz bottle of Shalini perfume for $900.
 Jar Perfumes for $765

Jar perfume gives out a strong and heady smell packaged in hand-cut glass bottles. It was created by Joel A. Rosenthal who is a famous jewelry designer. You can get this perfume from only two selected boutiques in Paris. You can get the one ounce Jar perfume bottle at a cost of $765.
 Joy Perfume For US$800

To create a 30ml Joy perfume bottle requires a pleasing combination of jasmine and rose that is 28 dozen roses, 10,000 jasmine and other flowers. That’s the reason Joy does not smell like a specific flower. The bottle was shaped by artisan Louis Süe and French architect with an idea in mind that the design should be simple and classical. It is considered as one of the most delight fragrance since 1929.
 No. 5 Chanel for $234
Chanel No. 5 has been declared as “the world’s most legendary fragrance” as it has been on sale continuously since 1921 and grabs the top most position in the perfumery sales charts as the company estimates that a bottle is sold globally every 30 seconds. It is composed of fake flower-patterned aldehyde that makes Chanel different from others.

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