Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can A Woman Be Satisfied With A Small Penis?

Does penis size matter? Can a woman be satisfied with a small penis? How can I increase the size of my penis? Find out answers to these questions and more by reading this article!!

I am sure you must have heard the old cliché "size does not matter, it what’s you do with it". Common do you really believe that. Do you think a woman wouldn’t prefer an 8 inches long and 6 inches thick penis to one that is 6 inches in length and 4 inches in girth? Yea, that’s right penis size matters a lot no matter how many clichés are used to prove that it does not matter, a large penis size would always be superior to a small penis size. This is something you just have to accept. 
Long ago in most settlements women married as virgins due to customs that forbade premarital sex. Now take a look at what happens in today’s modern world. If you were to take a survey of the amount of women who were still virgins a year before their weddings it would be like looking for a boat in the Pacific Ocean. Women have more freedom today than ever before. A woman is free to end a relationship if her lover cannot satisfy her, there is no law stopping her from doing so.
Men with small penises are usually not excited with idea of making love to a pretty woman because they seem to get disappointed by whatever happens. If she doesn’t laugh they get the feeling she is secretly laughing and if she does laugh they feel bad for being ridiculed once again about their small penis size. These men usually have little or no confidence, unsatisfied partner(s), unsatisfying relationships, poor sex life and overall in competency with women. For these men the simple truth that they were born with a small penis size is like a nightmare that keeps haunting them. For most men the possession of a large penis means they could be classified as being a REAL MAN. We men tend to retain the age long theory that great sex is dependent on three factors, which are: a wide knowledge of sexual positions, being in full control of one’s ejaculations and having a large penis.
Although various sex therapist have tried to assure men with small penis that size does not matter when it comes to having great sex with their lovers. These sex therapist usually suggest other ways of pleasing their partners like increasing the amount of foreplay before penetration and using sexual positions that allow a large area of the nerves in the vagina to be stimulated. But these men usually find out that sex becomes more like a planned routine that have to keep following because any deviation from the plan would leave their lover totally unsatisfied.
Because of the vast amount of websites offering one form of penis enlargement or the other, choosing a method that is safe becomes an uphill task for men wishing to increase their penis size. Some methods like weights, surgery, rings and pumps end up causing damage to the penis if they are used. So is there any hope for men who desperately want to transform their small penis into a powerful large penis? Yes, of course. Natural penis enlargement methods like penis exercises and herbal penis enlargement pill are a safe and guaranteed way of increasing the size of your penis. These methods do not involve surgery or chemicals. Herbal penis enlargement pills and penis exercises are a lot more affordable and safer than surgery or any other method of penis enlargement.
If you want to see results faster and to achieve permanent gains then you should combine penis exercises with herbal penis enlargement pills. Before you go buying just any penis exercise program or herbal penis enlargement pills you should ensure you are buying products that have been tested and guaranteed to give you the results that you want. Now asides having a larger penis would you like to experience the following benefits?
•Increased orgasm intensity
•Overall improvement in sexual function
•Higher sex drive
•Increased blood circulation to genital area
•Improvement in urinary flow
•More intense orgasms
•Increased penis head size
•Increased sexual stamina

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