Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Men Who Wear Women's Panties Question

Is it OK for a guy to wear women's panties instead of guy stuff?

by Dr. Doris Jeanette, licensed psychologist and trained sex therapist with 34 years of experience
I ask you, is it OK for a gal to wear men's pants instead of gal stuff?
The idea that only men can wear certain clothes and only women can wear certain clothes is at the heart of how we judge our sexual selves.
So stop judging yourself.  Instead, explore your authentic sexuality and enjoy yourself as much as you can along the way. Do not hurt yourself or anyone else and have fun. Wear anything and be sensuous and sexy.
A sexual health problem occurs when you cannot have an orgasm without wearing women's panties or women's clothing. If you do not experience sexual pleasure unless you are dressed up like a woman, then you has a serious sexual limitation.
You are trapped in an unfortunate situation because you cannot have fun and enjoy other sexual activities. When you do not get aroused by anything else besides women's panties, this is unhealthy for you. Your sexual partner or wife needs to be on your arousal list so you can break free and be sexy with them at any time.
If you have to wear women's panties in order to have an orgasm you are stuck in a very small box. You want to get out of this inhibited, sexual box. It is not much fun to have your sexual response trapped in a tiny box. You want to be a good lover to yourself and to your wife. You do not want to be obsessed with panties or any other item.
Being obsessed with women's panties and having to get dressed up every day also means you have a mental health and emotional health problem. Any anxiety or obsession about wearing women's panties is not healthy. Obsessing about anything, anyone or any object is unhealthy.
Healthy sexual arousal will improve your overall holistic health and even help you make money and be successful. So you want your sexuality working at its peak. You do not want your sexual health stuck in a box with only women's panties on your arousal list.
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 The other problem men who wear women's panties have is keeping your behavior secret from your wife or girlfriend.  Having secrets can be extremely taxing on your mental health and marriage.  Many men who wear women's panties get into therapy or coaching when their wife finds out they have been wearing panties.
If you want to be sexually healthy, you need to reclaim your full manly power and improve your self esteem. 
You deserve rock solid self esteem and more sexual pleasures. You deserve to have a good marriage and a good sex life.
To learn how to stop your mental judgments about wearing women's panties and improve your self esteem read and order my special report, "Special Report for Men Who Wear Women's Panties."
The report explains how you got trapped and conditioned into your sexual habit of having to wear women's panties and it shows you how to get out of the limited sexual health box you are in. It helps you stop using guilt and shame to control yourself and move into more self acceptance.
My desire is for everyone to have good sexual health, especially men who wear panties.
Hope this helps you feel less guilt and shame. Please give up your guilt and shame and take actions which make you powerful and strong.

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