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Cretan herbs


Thepopular Diktamo as a special warm drink with its aromatic healing propertiescan be used for anti convulsive, menstrual and tonic. Externally as a poulticeon wounds and bruises. Strengthens the heart musclesand arteries. Growing only in Crete Island Greece. The locals called it also"eronda" which means love for its aphrodisiac properties. Popular inMinoan Crete and Ancient Greece,it was considered highly therapeutic plant. Hippocrates recommended it for stomach and
digestive system diseases
, rheumatism, arthritis and used it to regulate menses,to tone and heal. It was named after the mountain Dikty (Lassithiotika) whereit teemed.
It is said to have aphrodisiac qualities and also anaid to weight loss.
( no lemon in dictamus, only honey or sugar ) .

2) Sage 

Sage (Greek: 'faskomília') Sage is a term used for plants of the genus Salviaof the mint family, Lamiaceae. The name Salvia comes from the Latin verb salvare,"to heal or redeem".

The aromatic sages strengthen the lungs and can be used in teas or tinctures toprevent coughs. Less aromatic species of Salvia are run-of-the-mill mint-familyanti-inflammatories, which means that they can be used for pretty much anyinfection or inflammation, and will give at least some relief.

As an herb, sage is considered to have a slightpeppery flavor. In Western cooking, it is used for flavoring fatty meats(especially as a marinade), cheeses, and some drinks. In Britain and Flanders,sage is used with onion for poultry or pork stuffing and also in sauces.

It was used to regulate monthly periods.It is splendid for kidneys, spleen, colds, bronchitis, bladder troubles,to expel worms, for argue, dropsy, and jaundice. 
 It also is astimulant, bitter, tonic, aromatic, emmenagogue, anodyne, antispasmodic,stomachic. It is used externally to spur wound healing and treatinflammation, and internally for fever, digestive upsets, anxiety, and insomnia. It is used as afragrance in herbal skin care products. It had also been used in shampoosbecause of its property to add luster to the hair.
Clinical studies have shown that  has mild sedative effects when administeredas a tea. It also relaxed smooth muscle of the intestine.It’sa popular eye wash for treating conjunctivitis and other reactions. It had alsobeen found to promote wound healing.


Tilium isconsidered as the ideal infusion for rheumatisms and arthritis, while it helps in the dissolution of nephroliths. Itis antitussive and sudorific and has good effects against the urea of the diabetics, the arteriosclerosis and coxalgia. It is used in cosmetics, in the creation of lotions and cremes for faceand body.
Used forhysteria and nervous diseases.

Wonderfully aromatic.  A natural product from Greece.
Enjoy its rich aroma any hour of the day and feelits soothing and calming abilities.


A thermogenic herb. One of Cardamom'smain uses is as a digestive aid due to its soothing and antispasmodicproperties. Studies have shown it may help with any digestive condition.


Creates a thermogenic burn. Itreduces cholesterol levels - in particular, lowering bad cholesterol whileleaving good cholesterol the same. It is cinnamon's effect on blood sugar thatmakes it a potential help in the war against obesity , insulin resistance ,sometimes known as "prediabetes," and the "MetabolicSyndrome." Cinnamon can be used in its powde


Nettles is high in nutrition (richin vitamins C and E and minerals such as calcium , magnesium , iron , silica,and potassium , which are important for healing broken bones, muscle strains,and tendon injuries.) and helps clears toxins but it also has a effect onweight loss that isn't clearly understood, but it is believed that it helps byfeeding the cells on a deeper level which reduces cravings. Nettle tea is usedto curb appetite and cravings and assist in weight loss.
For centuries, it was used as a dietary broth to reduce unwieldiness.

BASILIt's an old-wives-tale that leaves of basil, secretly placed under the disheson the table, would deter people from wanting to eat those items. As atechnique for reducing your weight, we seriously doubt the effectiveness ofthis tip, but we do recommend a little basil in your soups and stews -- maybein tandem with that garlic. The boost in flavor may help you to feel satisfiedsooner. Used to replace salt, herbs can naturally cut down your sodium intakeand reduce water weight, as well.

Sexually Stimulating Herbs

- Some herbal ingredients stimulate generally thefunction of the neural system. Since sexual response and feelings are dependentof a well working neural system, the herbs will also increase the sexualresponse.

- Other herbal ingredients generally improve thebody's blood circulation. The better blood flow and the better control of the blood flow will then makethe genital organs work better and engorge better upon sexual stimulation.Better engorgement will stimulate the feeling bodies at the nerve endings inthe sexual organs and thus give stronger physical feelings.

- There are components in some herbs that stimulatetissue growth and regeneration. Such components can make structures in thesexual organs grow stronger and more capable to do their work.

Making HerbalTea  (VIDEO )

Thetraditional way to make this Cretan tea is to place a few of the leaves in apot of cold water. Bring to the boil and allow to simmer for 1 - 2 minutes.Remove from heat and serve.

You can drinkthe TEA with nothing added or add lemon, or sugar, or cinnamon or honeyaccording to your liking.

contains Green Tea,  Lavender, Chamomile, spearmint, rose petals .

Beat all ingredients together, using a whisk or hand blender, until maskbegins to thicken into a paste. 
If mask is not being used immediately thenrefrigerate (3-4 days).

Apply to clean skin.Relax for 10-15 minutes with mask on.
Remove mask with tepid water and pat dry. Applymoisturizer or facial oil


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