Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Guys Want Women to Dress - And Ladies, It's Not What You Think!

Here's a huge dating secret for women - Learning how a guy wants you to dress may not seem very important at first glance. However, what you are about to learn will also be a huge lesson in how men think about women, period.
And I guarantee you this big secret will help you to not only attract - but to keep a man interested in you!
Getting the inside scoop on how guys want you to dress will put you miles ahead of other women competing to get your man. So I advise you to take this information to heart and I know you will thank me later.
Specifically, there are basically four different occasions in which you will be around your man. I'll be revealing how men want you to dress on these occasions. After you're done with this article you will not only know how to dress around your man to turn him on, but you will have learned a huge secret about what men really want in a woman. Lets' get started!

How Guys Want You to Dress on a Date

Most women will tend to wear jeans, tight top and heels on a date. Believe it or not, that turns a guy off! A man really wants you to wear a feminine dress that is conservative and not sexy.
How Guys Want You to Dress on the Weekend
You most likely want to wear a casual pair of shorts and a loose top, right? Sorry, that's not want a man wants to see his woman wearing on the weekend. He prefers to see you wearing a casual, feminine dress, with a thin belt and a pair of sandals. Who knew?
How he Wants You to Dress for an Evening Out
Most women think they should be wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a casual top for a night out. Sorry ladies, wrong again! You man wants you to wear a nice sexy dress with easy slip-on heels. Men prefer you to be feminine and conservative in your dress when you go out at night together.
How to Dress When You are Meeting the Parents
This occasion should be a no-brainer, right? You certainly can not go wrong wearing a conservative, feminine dress to meet the future in-laws - or can you?
Believe it or not when you are meeting his parents for the first time, he actually wants you to wear a relatively tight pair of jeans and heels with a wrap to meet his parents! The psychology behind why he prefers you to be wearing jeans instead of a dress to meet his parents is the topic of a different article altogether.
Conclusion: When it comes to finding a woman he wants to have a long term relationship with, men are not all that attracted to you if you are dressed in tight sexy clothes. They prefer their women to dress more conservatively in a feminine dress on almost every occasion. Blatant sexuality may be nice for casual encounters, but not if you want to keep your man! Take this to heart and your chances of having a successful relationship with a man will skyrocket.
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