Saturday, February 26, 2011


Steamingis a great way to cook. Foods maintain their flavor and nutrients when they aresteamed. They also taste great once seasoned with lemon, olive oiland herbs .Astudy published by the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture foundthat light steaming was the healthiest way to cook when compared with all othercooking methods and their effects on retention on nutrients and antioxidants!The best way to steam vegetables is to cook them until the point they are firmbut not hard. By doing so, you have very little loss of nutrients. Letting themcook few minutes past that point will result in loss of most nutrients. If yousteam for a long time, the color of the water will deepen, reflecting lossof nutrients.


Roastingis done with dry heat in an open pan in a hot oven at about 450 F or higher. It crisps upthe exterior of the meat or vegetables while it slowly cooks the insides. Roastroot vegetables at 450Ffor about 30 minutes without any oil. Stir two to three times.


Grillingis great especially when the weather is great out. But it easy to make grillingan unhealthy way of cooking. Here are some tips to make sure that our grillingis healthy!
Grillon an area without direct flame as the temperatures can get very high if thefood is directly on the flame. Do not overcook or burn the food. If you doovercook it, it will form toxic compounds!
Ifyou like marinating your food before grilling that is great. Use ingredientsrich in antioxidant such as lemon, onions, rosemary or black pepper. If youchoose to oil, (although we suggest against it), use oils that have high smokepoint such as avocado oil or high oleic safflower oil to reduce the amount ofoxidative damage that will occur!
It features plenty of fruits and vegetables, beans, pulses and grains inabundance,
olive oil as theprincipal fat, moderate drinking of wine, herbal teas like  Greek MountainTea said to be a "cure all" or Dittanyof Crete said to be an aphrodisiac! Honey andyoghurt, occasional use of lean red meat, and low to moderate consumption ofdairy foods, fish and poultry.

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