Friday, February 25, 2011

Cigarette could effects your beauty

You must have known, cigarettes have a bad impact for the heart, lungs, brain and even sexual life. These negative effects may not be directly perceived and not visible from the outside.
Did you know that female gets bigger bad impact of smoking than male? It is not only undermine the health, smoking also makes the beauty fades and aging faster.
Here are four effect of smoking for your beauty.
1. Lower eyelids
It is most annoying when you have lower eyelids. Lower eyelids appear if you lack of sleep, or have a bad sleep quality. According to the research team from Johns Hopkins, smokers which also experience low quality of sleep have four times greater to get lower eyelids compared with non-smokers. As a result, larger and lower eyelids is very visible.
2. Yellow teeth
Nicotine which accumulates on teeth can make it look yellow. If you do usually smoke but without regular maintenance, it can be blackened teeth. So, if you smoke make sure to do regular dental care, or better quit smoking.
3. Wrinkled
You may use night cream, moisturizer, anti-aging cream, but if you keep smoking, it can make everything all in vain. According to investigators, someone who smoked appeared two years older than non-smokers. That’s because smoking inhibits blood supply to the layer of healthy skin, so it make your skin dry, easily wrinkled,and dull.
4. Thin hair
Smoking does not only make wrinkles and dull skin, but it also destroys the beauty of your hair. Chemical toxic substances in cigarette smoke, can damage the DNA in hair follicles and produce substances called free radicals. Both substances make hair fall out and damage. According to research in 2007 in Taiwan, baldness risk in smokers male are two times greater than non-smokers.

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