Sunday, April 3, 2011

Most Expensive Sport Clubs in the World

If you want to buy a sport club but don t know how to pick the right one, I present you the list of most valuable sport clubs in the world. You can call the clubmost expensive sport club in the world because their price tag is literally far beyond any sport clubs in other country. The info is taken from Forbes
Manchester United Football Club.
Value: US$1.87 billion
Manchester United is buy-able and one man who afforded to buy it was Malcolm Glazier in 2005. He purchased this club for US$ 1.45 billion
Dallas Cowboys
Value: US $1.65 billion
Dallas Cowboys is top NFL member and it is popular for its merchandise and since the last view years, the clubs has earned more cash from the selling of personal seat licenses

Washington Redskins
Value: $1.55 billion
Washington Redskins is another NFL member who has scored millions in the last decade. Most of the revenue came from the ticket sales. The cash flow of the club is much better than the winning rate of it. 

New York Yankees
Value: $1.5 billion
As a member of Major League Baseball, New York Yankees makes money from its new stadium, the selling of exclusive local cable right, the ticket sales and the merchandises. As a baseball club with 27 time world champion trophy, they have huge potency to be the most expensive sport clubs in the future.

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