Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Secrets of beautiful skin

Lacks of our skin appear not spontaneously, but only because of wrong care and improper feeding. You can correct them substantially, at times even eliminate them absolutely.
Let’s try …
What skin you have?

The one, who wishes taking care of his skin the right way, should study it properly, as everyone’s skin is different. Skin is subdivided on dry, fat, normal and combined.
Dry, gentle skin is very beautiful, but is strongly subject to external influences, especially reacts to cold and sun. If not to feed it daily with a cream, it becomes rigid and will start being shelled. You can see expanded vessels, early wrinkles on it. It is uneasy to keep such skin.
Fat, thick skin – fine soil for occurrence of eels and every possible spots. At wrong care pores often become wide. Very often fat skin is a result of wrong digestion, lack of vitamins, anaemia, and also bad care of appearance.
Fat skin needs many fruits and vegetables, care of regular stomach work, you should avoid hot spices and in general spicy food, alcoholic drinks. It is useful to wash alternately hot and cold water, compresses, steam baths from camomiles broth, clearing masks, various cosmetic liquids pulling pores, and massage by means of soapsuds are recommended. It is necessary to use only high-quality nutritious creams. Do not leave cream on face for the night, as it closes pores, and skin does not breathe.

Normal skin has no lacks either of very dry, or very fat skin. It is a nature gift. Unfortunately, even small painful change of organism can often have bad influence on it. But more often normal skin is damaged as a result of wrong care.
It is necessary to watch normal skin as regularly, as well as any other: to clear it from dust and dirt and keep elasticity by means of corresponding cosmetics.
Excessive stay on frost and under the sun spoils even the best skin. It is easier to protect skin, than treat it later.
At any skin diseases it is necessary to address to a dermatologist. If a person is unhealthy, no cosmetic procedures will rescue. Only correct, regular treatment will help.

Skin clearing
Without necessary cleanliness any care of appearance is only an illusion. Only pure skin can be smooth and beautiful. By means of cosmetics skin lacks can be hidden temporarily, but you will never be released from them. At the same time all these cosmetic means give well-groomed skin the best look.
Evening clearing of face skin should become a habit. It is necessary to clean face very diligently – skin should breathe at night to have a rest after day of work. Water is a personal care basis. It washes away dust and various skin allocation from pores, promotes peeling of lifeless cells.
Women with dry and gentle skin, certainly, noticed that after walk during a small rain or fog their skin looks much better, while it becomes languid from stay in a hot premise.

Fine skin Englishwomen have is explained by damp climate of British isles. This fact proves to be true by long-term supervision. When Englishwomen with fine skin leave their country for a long time and live in roast and arid climate, for example in Australia or South America, skin of even young women becomes wrinkled and languid.
Lack of moisture in skin explains its withering. It is now established that cells of baby skin contain about 90 % of water. Therefore, it is usually elastic and velvety. A six-ten years’ woman has half less moisture in skin cells what, by the way, is visible at once. Skin becomes flabby, dry, covered wrinkles. Therefore I recommend you using humidifying creams since thirty years.
For facial skin care use first of all hot water (but not warm, due to which skin becomes languid). Rinse face several times, to open pores and allow dirt leaving them. At this procedure, and also at facial massage with soapsuds, do not rub it too vigorously – intensive friction stretches skin. We recommend leaving foam on face for a while, for better effect, then rinse face with hot and cold water properly. It freshens and narrows enlarged pores.

Rigid towels strengthen blood circulation and are better for wiping, than soft fabrics. But sometimes, if you have time, do not wipe face after washing, and allow skin drying up.
Skin nutrition and revival
It is necessary not only to clear skin, but also feed it. Hypodermic tissues should be elastic, then they will remain fresh and young for a long.
After evening washing and face clearing your skin is prepared for accepting nutritious creams and various means containing vitamins. Consider that in excessive quantity all this is injurious to health! A thick layer of cream closes pores. Short massage with cream after washing is absolutely sufficient to give skin necessary food.
How to make compresses?
When you have tired look, skin is languid, compresses are good means to give it freshness.
To make a compress, you need two small towels, very hot and very cold water, several grammes of camomile, lime colour or mint and several minutes of absolute rest.
Brew grasses with boiled water, filter and warm up received solution, as compress should be very hot. Before a compress wash up and clean face, smear it with cream, prepare a place for lying and put two bowls with two towels near yourself. In one bowl pour cold water, in another – hot broth of grasses.

Having prepared everything, lay down, moisten a towel in hot broth, wring it out and put on face for 1-2 minutes. Then cover face with a towel wetted in cold water. Change thus towels from 3 to 4 times. Finish procedure by a cold compress, having put it for 3-4 minutes. When you will make it – weariness will dissapear!
But during procedure it is necessary to forget about all cares though for some time and weaken face muscles at a full peace of mind. The result of compresses will be visible in already 10 minutes.
At expanded blood vessels do not apply hot and cold compresses, as they irritate skin.

At fat and dirty skin it is possible to reach considerable improvement, doing compresses 1-2 times a week, while dry, sensitive skin often does not like it.
At dry skin good action is rendered by frequent cold compresses, which humidify tissues.

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