Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Books to Read for Women

Preferred Books for Women

Good books to read for women means the kind of book which women prefer based on their mentality. Like some women like to read only magazines like Maxim, and other fashion magazines etc.. Some women prefers to read books on cooking and health. Some of them prefer to read their to improve their general knowledge, technical books to keep them updated in everyday life. Reading books is a good hobby.

Different Variety of Books for Women

They can read books of different kinds to gain their knowledge and for time pass also:

1) Magazines : They can get beauty tips as they are beauty conscious mind they can find the tip’s like how to do facials for face, foot care, etc.

2) They can read about World famous personalities as they can improve their knowledge about the world and also about those who achieved a lot in life so that they can get a spirit in their life and help their kids also telling their stories.

3) Cookery books: Here u can find many cooking tips and many recipes where they can try different style of cooking day by day. For festivals they can prepare different kinds of sweets.

4) How to take care of kids : This kind of books give a knowledge on how to take care of kids ,how to teach them decent, food habits, discipline when they are focused to the world mingling with the peoples, how give them a goods timetable in their routine life to come good in society.
5) Good books on Health care: Here most of the women neglect their health care in taking care of their family. So by reading this book they can get tips to take care of their health as well as their family. Some tips include after certain age what to be eaten, drinking in proper time for good health, medical checkups.

6) How to take care when they are pregnant : The tips to follow when they are pregnant like what eat what not to eat and about exercise, walking, good books to read help u to be healthy kid and mother.


Good Books to Read

Introduction to Good Books to Read 
There is so much to do in life and well, there is so little time!
We have endless desires and wish to experience as much as we can to make our stay on this planet the most fulfilling one. One of the ways in which we can lose ourselves in a variety of situations and experiences, is through reading books.
Fortunately there are many good books to read for people of all ages. These storehouses of knowledge not only entertain but also serve a greater purpose, that of sharing of great experiences with the readers. For instance we today have the privilege of reading great authors like Shakespeare and Thackeray, who existed centuries before us.
Books are your Best Friend
Books are forever and said to be a person’s best friend. With a book in your hand you will never feel alone. They can also have life changing effects for people. For instance a book like “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom would top my list of the good books to read.
With a simple yet overwhelming narrative, the author conveys to the reader some of the greatest truth of mankind. The fact that love and service are the true meaning of life is explained through the story. Works like “A walk to remember “ by Nicholas Sparks , “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch are some of the other good books to read. These books have the power to convey in certain stories the some things that are really hard to convey through the written word. They convey Love and can surprise the reader with its immense power and beauty.

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