Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Best Outrageous and Expensive Gifts for Kids

My Top 5 Over the Top Gifts for Kids

This is really just for fun; I'm not recommending purchasing any of these things. But hey, if you're a celebrity or just filthy rich and you want to spoil your kids rotten, here are a few expensive gifts for kids.

#5 Prehistoric Giants

A child's playroom is not complete without an 11-foot Woolly Mammoth. These large stuffed animals remind me of the Richard Pryor movie "Toys". The set includes a life-size Saber Tooth Tiger, Polar Bear, and Woolly Mammoth. If the 11-foot beast is too large for your room you can opt for the less impressive 5 foot 7 version for only $1500.
11 foot Woolly Mammoth: $12000, yes... Twelve Thousand dollars for a stuffed animal
5 foot Woolly Mammoth: $1500
Saber-Toothed Tiger: $600
Standing Polar Bear: $500

#4 Train Set

Go for the gusto with this Lionel Empire Builder Train Set. The set includes a large set of cars including a tank car, flat car, boom car, milk car, and a caboose to name a few. There is also a remote control and switches. The set comes with tracks and a system for speed control. This set is the largest of the Lionel train sets and includes the best of their products.
Price: $2,825.99
Available at Amazon

#3 Mercedes SL 500 Two Seater Car

If you are looking to spoil your tot with a sweet ride, why not purchase the mini-Mercedes? This mini-Mercedes actually has a Honda 4 Stroke Engine. It is 83 cc. and 2.2 horse power. It can go forward and in reverse. The maximum speed is 13 mph and is governable. Each car is custom built and non-refundable. If you're looking for something a bit more tough, check out the mini-monster truck. It's a bit pricier, but what's a few grand? Ha!
Mini-Mercedes Price: $8,300 (what a deal; at this same car is $9,492)
Mini-Monster Truck Price: $13,800
Available at

#2 Victorian Play House

This Victorian Play House is a real house, just kid-size. The house has a front porch, turret, cedar-shingles, windows, shingled roof, and bay windows with flower boxes of course. You and your child can design the interior and exterior options including: cable, running water, electricity, wireless, etc. If a Victorian is not your bag, you can design the house however you choose. You may even create a mini-replica of your home. All homes are custom and are made when the order is placed. Your home can be shipped in approximately 10 weeks The possibilities are endless, and for the price they should be.
Price: $23, 400 (Price may vary based on any custom additions.)
Available at PoshTots

#1 A Carousel

Why have a carousel horse or rocking horse when you can have your own hand crafted, original carousel. I have to admit these are beautiful pieces of art. Each horse is hand made and painted in the Netherlands. Even the leatherwork and saddles are handmade and stitched. The paintwork is done in oil and with the glazing the horses look more life-like. The horses go through eight to twelve layers of paint before they are sealed with shellac. The manes and tails are real horse hair. Each horse is an original so prices are not listed. If you are interested check out the website below and send them an email.
Price: ?

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