Sunday, October 9, 2011

When a person loses respect…love fades

*What kills true love?:
It’s my belief, when love dies, it’s dead, and once the love is dead in a marriage, there is “no-way” or there is nothing that can be done to rekindle that special love once existing between a husband and wife. A lot of people may not agree with my view but when love is gone, it’s gone, and nothing, not nothing, will bring it back to life in the core of a heart and soul. Once it’s dead, it’s over and done with, and there’s not a thing the couple can do to keep the union alive.

*When a person loses respect…love fades:
When there is “no” respect and “no” compassion in a marriage, it’s my belief, the damage has been done, and all that’s left is to wipe the slate clean and to move on in life. In a marriage when we see a spouse at their worse, and with they have cheated, connived, lied, shown “no” compassion and “no” love, no respect, physical and mental abuse, the human mind, heart, and soul becomes tired of being mistreated and treated so cruelly and a person loses all respect for their spouse, and they find themselves saying, “There’s no love left here…I’m fed up and I’m walking away.”

When a person takes on all the wrongs a mate does to them for years, they finally wake up one day to find the love they once shared with their mate is gone and they do not want any more abuse from them. They want a life with someone else who will love them and show them compassion and concern. Accummulations of disrespect, name calling, being shunned, accusations, dishonesty, etc., a person’s feelings are finally immuned to the hurts and they gradually lose all their compassion and love. They become two stranger’s living together in a house and they grow farther and farther apart and all they are doing is sharing a house with their spouse there’s no love left in them.  

Yes, a person loses respect and love when they have been abused and mistreated in a marriage, and once they’ve had enough of abuse, there’s nothing to rekindle their love for their spouse. Their feelings have been totally erased and there’s only a scared heart and a tortured mind left and nothing will renew their love. The human mind can take only so much torture and mistreatment until a spouse loses “all” feelings for their partner and they would be doing them a disservice to stay in a loveless marriage or relationship.   

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