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How to Make Your Man Marry You?

Some men won’t commit to relationship, others aren’t ready to marry just yet and rest are still looking for the right women. Here we will be discussing topics ranging from what types of girls do man like to be in a committed relationship to whether he will every marry you to how to make your man marry you.
What type of girls do men like to marry?
It is just no secret that there are certain types of girls who their boyfriend doesn’t have a plan to marry with. The guys in such relationship doesn’t consider that girl is worthy marrying; so he is in that relationship for a short-term until he finds a right one or loses his patience. Here is the list to traits and personalities of a women that men usually go after to be in a married relationship:
Women with goals. Men gives high priority to the looks, but lets not forget now a days everybody seem to look good regardless of where and what they do. One thing that differentiates them is that not all girls are motivated. Highly motivated girls is a big turn on for men, because men knows they are going to spend the rest of their life with them if they marry with such women.
All rounded girls. What that means is the girl who can play various important roles as they come in – such as wife, mother, accountant, best friend, companionship etc. After all, friendship with other guys is what the guy is going to miss after they marry and have to spend time at home most of the time. But no man expects their woman to be perfect in every aspects of their life.
Reliable and No Break up. Men likes women who are reliable and trustworthy, who won’t cheat on him. Guys don’t want to be the one where people say she broke up with him, instead of he broke up with her. Guys want to feel the little bit of preciousness and value in himself.
Positive attitude: Imagine yourself in your boyfriend’s shoes and see what type of girl he would marry to. Most guys like girls with positive attitude because after marriage you two will be spending time together most of the time and don’t want to be surrounded by negativity and drama.
Will the guy ever marry me?
How to know if your boyfriend will ever marry you? Even though you two call your relationship committed, it is not really one until the engagement day resulting in a marriage. Break up happens far more often than divorce; that’s why marriage is more significant. Sings that your boyfriend is ready to settle down and will propose:
Serial dating: does your man have a long history of dating many women? You have to look at his past dating history and what type of relationships were those, if he dated a same type of girl like you are before and kinda were in same relationship as you are in right now then it’s a warning sign. It is also good idea to look at how his past relationships didn’t work, especially why it didn’t lead to marriage.
Why he is into you: this is probably the most important question to ask yourself if you are a girl wondering if your man will ever marry you. If your boyfriend is into you because you offer something that you are going to have for a long period of time and willing to share with with him, then he will probably be committed to you. If your boyfriend is into you simply because he gets to sleep with you, then it’s not the right direction you two are going towards; this is because eventually he will go after other girls to sleep with as well.
Give and take balanced: a committed relationship isn’t just about having somebody live with you; it is about sharing and caring for each other for as long as one could. There should be a balance of give and take between the two in a marriage; one can’t always be offering without receiving anything in back. The guy can be helping with the hard heavy work around the house, while women does the small light duties; what this does is there is an equal share of work.
Arguments: if you have an argument with your man all the time, the chances of him marrying you is slim. Usually the small fights and arguments happen in every relationship, even after the marriage; but if it is happening almost every day right now, it will happen very often after the marriage. For men, arguing with a woman is one of the most disliked thing and thus marrying with that women will be avoided at all cost.
Get your man to marry you game plan
Here are list of things you can do to make a man to marry you, even though not all of them might work for everybody but some of these can be part of your own game plan to make your man propose you and result in a marriage.
Ask yourself if you are ready before wondering if he is. Both of you are in a loving relationship for few years now, but the reason your boyfriend hasn’t proposed you could be because you didn’t show any interest or bring it in a conversation yet. It is important that you make sure you definitely want to have a family with him and he knows that before he reaches out to you. Sometimes when man thinks that women has a doubt about marriage still, he might be afraid to ask. So this is about making sure you want to marry him and you making it clear to him some way.
Demand monogamy. Taking one step to be in a monogamous relationship with your man can make it much closer to marrying him. When the girl demands monogamy, guy often feels flattered and secured even though he might not say it since it shows you love him very much and only want him and willing to be in faithful and committed relationship.
Here are some of the best tips to get a man to marry you:

Step 1: Make sure he is in love with you as well, not just you falling in love this this man. That is he wants to be with you now and in the future.
Step 2: Understand your man’s personality first. Some man are shy even in a relationship, whereas others can’t wait to say things to their girl.
Step 3: Talk openly about marriage, when situation allows, without making him feel forced into it.
Step 4: Be patient. Just give him time to make decision. Marriage is to be taken seriously; you don’t want a guy who proposes you one second and in another second he is not sure if you are the right girl for him.
Step 5: Prepare for wedding. Live happily ever after with you beloved man. LOL.

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