Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coffee Cup Reading: Predicting Future From Coffee

This method has a very long tradition. In this article, I would like to show you an easy way how to predict future from coffee. All you need is a white coffee cup and saucer, coarse grind coffee and boiling water. When the water is boiling, put 1-2 tea spoons of the coffee into the cup and add water.
Enjoy your coffee. Be careful it is hot. Do not use milk or sugar that would affect the final picture. While drinking your coffee think about your future. After you finish the coffee, flip the cup and put it up side down on the saucer. Leave it there for half an hour before you can start predicting. 
 Look in to the mug and see what kind of drawing is on the bottom and on the walls. Use your intuition and concentrate on the picture. What do you see? Is it something specific? Don�t panic if you can�t see something right away. If the drawing consists of small precise shapes, then it means that your decisions will be well planned and successful. Don�t be afraid to start solving your current life situation. Symbols and drawings placed near the cup handle warn you that something will happen in your family in the near future and that you should be careful. If the drawings are intensive and dramatic, then you are going to experience intensive and dramatic feelings in the near future. Sometimes, you can see rainbow-like colors in the drawings. They are mostly not very visible, so you have to concentrate. The colors suggest events in your love life.
Don't be disappointed if your first reading won�t be very accurate, it�s just a question of practice. Good luck, have fun!!!

Bottle � good result
Cane � violence won�t solve anything
Cherry � good work results
Flower � popularity
Glass � stable relationship
Gun � danger
Hill, Mountain � high ambitions
Spider � unexpected money
Sun � good health
Tent � year full of traveling
Triangle � something unexpected

Animal Symbols � the meaning depends on what kind of animal you see. For example:

Dog � faithfulness
Elephant � fortune
Fish � cold feet
Fox - lie
Lion � power
Owl - wisdom

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